LG V30 Plus hi-fi quad Dac

Hi guys
I have purchased LG v30 plus and would like tell you it’s the best phone i have tested so far regarding dac. It can drive 200 ohm earphones. Even you use 30 ohm headphones, you can easily see the differance (my preferance is “detailed” from the sound mode).
Additionally phone has 128 gb capacity. It’s worth trying.


I got a V20 for music playback and love it too!


I have had my V30 for almost two years and it is great. My contract is up on Black Friday and I will likely get another LG. I was a Samsung guy for many years, but these phones are much better for music.

However, they are not better phones overall. If music was not such a high priority for me, I would go back to Samsung.

Shane D


It was the best quality/price performance ratio when i purchased it. Below ones were my priority, especially DAC and IP68 are very important for me.

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-Core Processor
    • 4GB RAM With 128GB ROM
    • 6-Inch QHD+ OLED Display
    • IP68 Water And Dust Resistance
    • 16MP + 13MP Dual Rear Cameras
    • VoLTE
    • USB Type-C
    • 32-Bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
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