Listening Chairs! What kind of chair do you like to sit in when you listen?

I have a cheap and cheerful, fun IKEA faux-leather armchair that’s reasonably comfy and has been serving me well for more than a decade now. It was only meant to tide me over until I could afford something better. But it’s held up so well that I’ve kept it (not bad for ca. $170). I’d include a photo but one of our kittens decided that it should do double-duty as a scratcher (which is another reason why I’ve not upgraded).

It was fun to see the same model in some of Schiit Audio’s publicity photos (apparently, I have great taste :grinning:):

I’d take the IKEA, cat damage notwithstanding, over this beast (incidentally, the difference in price would get you a Vérité):


I actually really like RH. :laughing:

The membership is worth it if you plan on buying a few pieces.


Yes, I tried one of the leather sofas a few years ago; it had a fun design and was very comfortable, especially since it had a single, long seat cushion (bench cushion? I don’t know the terms).



I’m looking to replace my 20+ year old lounge chair with something that I can sit in for more than a couple hours and listen to music and/or watch TV. I’m wondering what chairs the community have found that are comfortable and easy on the back.

There are lots of options out there but I’d like to hear from you on what is most comfortable for longer listening sessions, doesn’t hurt your back, and it looks semi-nice in the family room/den.

Thanks in advance.

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In 2 channel, any couch that doesn’t go any higher than your shoulders is best. (Also a few feet away from back wall too) Fun experiment is if you have a couch that goes higher behind your head. Listen sitting against the couch vs. Leaning towards the speakers, sitting forward a few feet. A big difference.

Another fun experiment is cup your ears vs. Uncupping your ears and hear the big differences. It’s amazing what stuff behind you changes the sound for the worst and the best.


It has taken me six weeks to settle on a chair for my new listening room.

In that span, I have come to question the point of retail furniture stores. The stuff they have on the floor is not available. The stuff they have available is not on the floor. That’s across 20+ vendors over 1.5 months.

So … I said “fuck it”.

It’ll take ~20 weeks to get what I really want. But at least I know I’ll like it. All thanks to MOMA.


Just went thru that last weekend. I ordered one new recliner for the living room at Lazy-Boy. Two of the three faux/reconditioned/reconstituted leather recliners I purchased there over 10 years ago have started peeling. It’s like they were on a timer. The nano-meter thickness of this stuff is flaking away from some intermediate padding cover underneath. And it all just started in May on these two chairs.

The store had all styles and types of chair and recliner / rockers on display but wouldn’t sell any floor models. So I had to go with a down payment and Sept delivery. But at least I get what I want, no compromises. I only ordered one so I can see how it suits me for a while so i can change up on the second if I like. And wait another 4 months to get the second delivered.

In the mean time I bought 5 x 15 foot rolls of of leather repair tape. The color and pattern matches extremely well and I just have to remember to keep the lights on low if I get company.

I’m think this is part and parcel pandemic related as businesses start ramping back up and per the news reports, getting employees (as well as the materials needed) are a part of the problem. As one person pointed out on the news last night, why go back to work for $60.00 more a week now - ride out the unemployment benefits then go look for work. We only have to look at our own audio related slow downs on manufacturing and delivery to see that. I expected inventories of many parts at suppliers and with manufacturer’s were adequate to get thru last year in many businesses, but they are depleted now and only slowly coming back on line.

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My business can’t buy clear glass.

That’s just hot sand. But nope, shortages.

All “protein leather” products do that. One store told us the cost to furniture makers was the same as cow skin leather, that it was made from eggs or egg shells, and that it would be as durable as the real stuff. The producers apparently believed it was durable 10 years ago.

They were wrong.

After getting burned a couple times I won’t buy protein leather products any more.


I’ll go with cows from now on.


Dead cows for me, too.

And while the hide-cows may not be what’s on the dinner table, it’s all delicious anyway.


We’ve got a couple 1960s fiberglass swivel chairs that are still going strong and I use one for listening. They’re portable too if you want a change of scenery for your listening session. :smiley:


That is one solution, also you are teasing us with the background equipment such as that lovely synth in the background. Please give us gear porn lovers more fluffing, would also enjoy hearing more about the synth too!


I don’t want to derail the thread too much, but happy to talk about it all day long in another thread or DM if there’s a more appropriate place on the forum. Please direct me there. :laughing:

It’s a Moog One - full analogue, 16 voices, 48 sound polyphony, and is a total dream if you enjoy making soundtracks. Here’s an example if you want to hear what it sounds like. Everything is coming from the synth and it’s one take/recording:

:paperclip: (and because this is a headphone forum) Here’s a link to the lossless 24bit/96khz (156MB):


Very cool, I think I found a new hobby. I play guitar, and have dabbled in software synths like Reason. Nothing can replace the tactile feel of the real thing.

You could start a music making thread?