Looking at A&K SR25 MkII

Has anyone reviewed the new MkII version?
My SR15 is beginning to act up again, both balanced and unbalanced outputs are cutting out
I don’t want to spend too much for a DAP that I walk around with all the time, and that gets a lot of use, some of it not all that gentle.
I really like the A&K house sound, paired with the 64 Audio Nio’s its an almost perfect setup for me.
the 4.4mm balanced output is also intriguing.
I definitely like the idea of the extended battery life.
I’d appreciate any thoughts on the SR25.


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Was talking with my wife about buying new DAP due to issues with the old one.
Her response was “happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy Halloween”…
Needless to say I just pulled the trigger on the SR25 MkII from Headphones.com (who else would I buy from?).
I’ll post a first impression and follow up review in a few days after I receive the unit.