Monolith Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology


Wow, update with a missing binary and no changelog. That does not smack of quality.


Sounds like they rushed it out. The guy who sent me the file said they were planning on putting out a new update with more info. They also accidentally removed the Win7 XMOS drivers from the site when adding these files too, so that needs to go back up.


Why the rush I wonder?


This was sent out to customers today:

Dear Monoprice Customer,

We are reaching out to inform you of a new firmware update that is available for your Monolith by Monoprice Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology.

The update is to address a minor phasing issue with the RCA inputs on the back of the unit and is currently available for download on the Product Page (Firmware v1.03) along with the Firmware Update Guide.

If you require any assistance or have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

We thank you for being a valued Monoprice customer and hope you are enjoying your Monolith Amplifier!


Monoprice Support


No Mac solution for updating…erghhh… Time to dust off the Windows work laptop lol.


Hi everybody.
I want to buy my first DAC/AMP combo for use with my hd800, Audeze, beyerdynamic t5p and my others headphones. I can see that this monoprice thx is the direct rival of Topping DX7s.

I have a specific question:
Is this monoprice NATIVE DSD CAPABLE? or convert the DSD to PCM in order to play the files?

I have a lot of music in SACD and DSD and for me is very important to be able to reproduce Natively the DSD. I use a macbook air with audirvana plus, these program can show me when the external DAC “drives” the files in its native format. For example, my wm1a support natively the dsd when i use it like DAC, but when i use my fiio x7ii like DAC these convert to pcm.

I hope somebody could aswer me it because i want to buy (dx7s or monoprice) tomorrow…
Thank you so much.


I just checked out the spec sheet at Monoprice online and it works with DSD64&128 according to the specifications that is.

I use mine exclusively at work with PCM so outside of the DSD question feel free to fire away if you have any others. I know @antdroid enjoys his also.

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I have 2 days more for choose sometime (aliexpress anivesary) . I can wait for the answer.

My options are smsl su8, dx7s and this monoprice. but I am very interested in the thx because i saw the graphs and is amazing the low noise and the impedance out.

I hope somebody of you can help me with my question.
I will wait for the answer… thank you so much Again.

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I can’t comment on the Monolith as I haven’t had the pleasure, but I will say that I am very happy with the SU-8.

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I had the original DX7 and sold it when I got the Monolith THX-AAA. I dont have any DSD files so I can not comment on how well it worked.

The DX7 has the benefit of the remote for easier input/output switching and volume control, but the THX-AAA amp/DAC has more features and what I would say is a more clean and detailed amp section. Both had some headphone output noise when using ultra-sensitive IEMs but not really an issue when using most headphones.


Excuse me again. If i share with you a “MEGA” link with a DSD file (song), Could you try to check if your thx drives it natively? or is it prohibited to share links?


If it is a link to a copyrighted work, then you should not be sharing it.

If you want some readily available test files, from a common master, in different formats (including multiple DSD rates) you can go here.

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Most DAC/amp combinations that allow volume control for DSD playback will be converting to PCM prior to the DAC chip doing its thing.

To process NATIVE DSD with something like the RME ADI-2 DAC, you lose volume control and all other processing features. Which means you must use it as a pure-DAC and defer volume-control/amp duties to an additional device. The same is true for things like the DSD version of the Holo Audio CYAN.

The only exceptions will be devices that have an internal ANALOG amplifier/attenuator setup that is discrete from its DAC section.

Which is a long winded way of saying that if the Monolith unit in question offers volume control when playing DSD it is almost certainly converting to PCM first.


The staff people of monoprice told me that: “In the case of a DSD input, the signal is routed from the USB interface (XMOS) directly to the AKM DACs (which accept PCM or DSD). There is no conversion to PCM and the DSP (which has PCM inputs and outputs) is bypassed”.

Conclusion, yes!! Support native DSD.

My final question for all of you. Betwen “Topping Dx7s” and this monoprice, For you, Which has better sound and amplification? And why?


I never listened to the DX7S – only the older DX7. The DX7S used a newer DAC chipset. That said, I feel the Monolith sounds cleaner. The DX7 was noticeably warmer sounding on my Focal headphones. Output Impedance on the DX7 and DX7S is also 10-20ohms, so take that into account too.

Overall, I think the Monolith is a better deal, especially since it’s cheaper and comes with more features.


Just saw that the DX7 Pro is coming out soon.


Is this a change in Topping’s product line up and plans? The D70 was supposed to be out around now, and AliExpress has an inactive page at $799.


I received the THX AAA 788 today. First impressions are good. Solid build quality, plenty of power, clean, clear, analytical sound. Will do a full review in the near future.


I didnt know you did video reviews. I just sub’d!

I met Amir (ASR) in person for coffee today and handed him over my MP THX unit. He seemed happy to get a chance to test out a working production unit. He was very nice in person. He’ll be testing it out in a few weeks.


Good to know. I will look forward to hearing Amir (ASR) thoughts on the MP THX.

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