Munich High-End 2023

Most interesting thing I’ve seen thus far in terms of headphone related news is the new iFi iCAN Phantom doing both e-stat and conventional headphone duties, whenever it gets released. I wouldn’t expect it to be as good as a dedicated high end e-stat amp as the combos always seem to have some concessions, but still very interesting. Also, that massive 2 million dollar horn set up is huge :flushed:

Theres some great content on youtube of people sharing their experience via videos, I’ll link a couple channels to check out.


I listened to it today with the Shangri-la Jr and I really enjoyed the pairing.


Alright so the new iFi Phantom iCan is real interesting. I also tried it with the Shang Jr. And it had no issues with them. Was listening at about 40 on the volume knob. Of they can launch it without any QC issues, I think
iFi may have introduced a solution to the barrier to entry of the e-stat market.

There was this brand new amp out of France that was absolutely ridiculous. $18,000 but was incredible with the Susvara. I expect it to become pretty well known in short order once they have product in the wild. Kallyste Améthyste


Curious to hear how the Phantom might drive the Susvara.

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Wow. Nothing like a good side tube. :joy:
You don’t see that often. It was only in old military equipment. Some were even upside down. Cool to see in an amp. I like the presentation. 18 grand ? I’ll stick with my WA22. Stay in my lane if you will. :smiling_face:

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Each year Munich will be the debut of the HyperCar amps until we get to six figures.

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Now on my flight across the Atlantic, with a few hectic days coming up but there is so much to share from Munich that it’s going to take a while just to process.

It was great meeting up with the family again and I’m already looking forwards to the next one!!


It was great to see you! First day back in Vancouver and already looking forward to next year.


Get a new family. Or if that’s inconvenient, drop them off for some shopping at Oxford Street.

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Heres a weird one. I noticed this on the banner on the wall of the massive ESD Acoustic horn set up. For anyone who was at the show, did they happen to have a model out for demo? Their website doesn’t seem to have any info apart from the single photo. Look like its a DD, maybe just a concept rendering. Not sure.


They had some headphone set up. But I can’t say for sure whether it was the pictured one. But since it was in the same room as the huge horns I didn’t pay any closer attention to it