Munich High-End 2024

They were! We filmed some impressions and talked to the Shanling team about them. Should be posted in the next little bit!


Any impressions on Noble Audio FoKus Apollo Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones?



Sorry to bother you. But if you had to compare it with the other high end closed backs, how do you think do they compare? Maybe to a Aeon 2 Noire and a LCD XC Closed by chance?

Looks like you guys are having quite the blast! No Cambridge Audio Bus this year ? :cry:

Thanks for the photo dump. What are the panel speakers in the room with the purple light?

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There you go :smiley:


I bloody love that Bus. And the team inside the bus are really cool too :smiley:

Thank you!!!

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Thanks @Resolve for the hype free meet impressions. Such a refreshing change from the audiophile norm.

If I lived in the US I’d only buy from because they support the best reviewer in the game .


Yeah the Cambridge Audio team are a breath of fresh air in an environment that tends to be quite stale and stodgy! Even if you aren’t interested in their products it’s always worth popping by whatever room (or bus) they are set up in just to chat with the team and see how they’ve decided to set things up!


This Shangri-La Mini interests me. I wonder how it is different from the SL Jr? I’ve heard SL Jr, wasn’t impressed. I’ve heard SL Sr, think it might be the best e-stat I’ve ever heard (HE-1 notwithstanding). Seems perfectly in character for Hifiman to release a “Junior” and a “Mini” without clear differentiation, though. lol

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I’m waiting for the SL Turbo.