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New headphones for 2023, from a new member to this forum.

Until recently headphones were used on planes, sport (bike/gym/walking) and most listening was via speakers.
So new into “Headfi”
Existing headphones were a B&W P5 Wireless, but I found to be much better used wired and then with the Bursen Amp using the Naim NDS/555DR as source and a Roon convolution filter, and we begin this new journey!


Dan Clark Aeon2 Noire

To be driven by a Burson Soloist SL MkI taking input from the Tape-Out of the Sim Audio Moon i5 (which has no headphone output).

Had an extensive listen to these, the DCA Aeon2 Closed, Audeze LCD-X, the Audeze LCD-2, Focal Clear MG, Meze 109 Pro (thanks to Hifonix, Birmingham, UK)
Through a Burson Amp with a Naim Atom HE streamer (not quite the same as my NDS/555DR streamer but good enough for demo evaluation)

The Meze were extremely comfortable, but not quite at the races against the Planar Magnetics (& my existing B&W P5 Wireless, wired with Silver Litz cable), the Focal great dynamics but not the delicacy of the Audeze & DCA.
It was a tight choice between the DCA and the Audeze LCD-X (which were on offer at the time, so in the same price band, same as the Focal Clear OGs).
The DCA Aeon2 Closed & Noire needed more power to shine, yet the Audeze LCD-X had such great forward presentation and insight into the material easy to see why used in studios, but is that a presentation that is liveable long-term and they are heavy?

The DCA Aeon2 models give the same insight, just more laid back in presentation. Comfortable and half the weight of the LCD-X

Then Aeon2 Closed vs Noire with the Noire just taking the line with a better treble definition. However could have easily lived with either.

And back on my own system, out-of-the-box, yes, everything heard during demo is still there. Now with a 10ft VIVO Cable upgrade and just about run in.

Using a number of EQ profiles, but most of the time a convolution filter in Roon, using the measurements from AutoEq/results/oratory1990/harman_over-ear_2018/Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire at master · jaakkopasanen/AutoEq · GitHub

And this measurement

Hence interested in the revised measurement system and some different filters.


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Thankyou! I’m a regular over on ASR, but I signed up here to take part in the B&K Community Input Thread, trying out Resolve’s EQ on my HD560s. I enjoyed that EQ yesterday, I’ll have to see if my preferences stay that way over the coming days/week, as I can sometimes flip my preference between different EQ’s until I then tend to stabalise on the one that I find I prefer most of the time. I got a number of headphones all which I EQ to Harman using Oratory measurements, I sometimes customise those EQ’s a bit, so I’ve been a Harman Curve fan, but I’m open to trying Resolve’s B&K Target…headphones that I have are HD560s / K702 / HE4XX / NAD HP50 / HD600…and I’ve got 3 units of the HD560s and 4 units of the K702, because they’re my favourites & because I’ve been “messing around” with measuring them on my miniDSP EARS rig - at least I don’t have to worry if they stop making the K702 & HD560s I guess!


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I think you already found the part to start at. Until you are here for a little bit you will only be able to reply, not start a new topic. The search at the top is your friend.

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Hello all im relatively new to the audio world about a year of actually going to the walls about audio. Just picked up the 64 Audio U4s Hope you all are doing good :slight_smile:


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Hello from northwest Illinois! I am really enjoying the headphone journey I have been on. Currently I have Topping E70 Velvet / L70 DAC/AMP stack sitting on my desk at home. In my office I have a DX3 Pro+. For headphones, I started with the Hifiman Edition XS then picked up a pair of Focal Clear OG. I really love the Clear OGs. After a heap of overtime, I just ordered a set of Focal Utopia 2022. I can’t wait to hear them.


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I’m in northwest Illinois. Elgin area. If you want to connect and test some gear out I have that you don’t and vice versa. You’re welcome to reach out


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