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A place to add your latest record aquistions!

I’m slowly building my collection of records…the rest of my collection awaiting my refurbishing a classic for Needle drops, but while I work on that I ordered a Fluance RT85 to cover down while I get my new precious rebuilt.

Sorry for the wall of pictures hopefully everyone will share their latest records!!


Well, let’s see … the latest actual “records” (which is what we called vinyl LPs back when I first got into music) I bought, would be the Kate Bush “Remastered” box sets:





The pressings are excellent, on very-quiet vinyl, and the remasters themselves are solid take on the originals (which I also own, from back when they were originally release, both on vinyl and CD).

Quality control also seems excellent. Out of 18 physical discs/36 sides, I only had two sides that had any issues at all. Fixing that required just buying the appropriate “Remastered” individual LPs, swapping them out, and doing a return.

Kate’s own “Fish People” label has, historically, been highly focused on high-quality reproduction, so that’s an additional bonus. It’s certainly in evidence in these re-issues.

Now if the buggers would get around to releasing the digital “Remastered II” collection (sets 3 and 4 from the vinyl collection) in hi-res digital, I could purchase the digital copies as well … as I really do not fancy doing 36 sides of needle-drops!


What you can’t see is the very very 3D cover. Looks about a light year deep.


My Dad had all the Bob Marley, Parliament, James Brown, and Ohio Players LPs! Plus many more, I wish I had grabbed his collection when he passed (but I wasn’t thinking clearly at that point)

My dog jumped up on my lap and is judging me for my Faux pas…


Be careful, weed hopper, the judgement looks severe


New LPs this week

I grew up listening to Bob with my Dad, also lots of blues and jazz, some bluegrass, funk, hip-hop, basically anything my Dad liked, but he had a soft spot for Bob, and some others.

Ok so the Legends Vinyl is not the greatest “press” quality, the label is off center (luckily only goes over the run-off part of the L-P) and feels cheap compared to my other 180 gram LPs. Also I had a lot of leftover whatever on the Vinyl that needed to be picked up ( I use a vinyl buddy roller, it is kind of like a lint roller but for vinyl). But the sound is good and no major issue once needle hits the vinyl.


How is the Miles’ Kind of Blue? I have it on CD and on Vinyl, but a general pressing from a bout 20 years ago, not an audiophile pressing.

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I plan on giving it a play through tomorrow =) I’ll update once I play through it. But this is the 180Gram version, so hopefully it is good =)


It is a quality record, no issue…well the sleeve was damaged in shipping but other than that no issue with the actual vinyl, clean and seems to be pressed well. I think it is a easy recommend if you are a fan, I picked it up brand new from Target online with a sale for around $15-20, and it helped put my order over the $35 for free shipping =)


New records! Morphine is an awesome band, to bad they didn’t last, they were super unique.

Iron and Wine was a whim buy, I got the limited run Spotify edition with the “Cloud” vinyl color. Plus Sub-Pop is the distribution for it, nice supporting local.

I’ll try and get some time with them here over the next couple days :grin:

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