Nitsch Sound Pietus Maximus - Headphone Amp (No. 4)

This thread is to discuss the Nitsch Pietus Maximus headphone amplifier, their latest offering.

It is a “grown up” version of the design first seen in the Magni Piety, which Christian describes as follows:

"Pietus Maximus is a (bigger) unique discrete solid state headphone amplifier and pre-amp. It is also a potential “all-in-one” DAC/Amp with Schiit’s latest and greatest internal DAC board modules.

Pietus Maximus shares the same new Continuity™ circuit design with programmable output stage as Magni Piety, but with bigger stuff: transistors, volume pot with a more advanced wiper system, beefier internal linear power supply (dual-regulated, post-filtered, more current), and some fancier silicon capacitors along with a ton of MELF resistors. Still has qualities of tubelike sound the Magni Piety is known for, with added refinement and utility."

It is significantly more powerful than the Magni version, in Schiit’s mid-size chassis much like Asgard 3 or Jotunheim 2. It is available now starting at $499.


I’m very damn excited about this as a Magni Piety owner

but guys…you cannot just call them MELF resistors

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How about MILF resistors instead? :wink:


that is eXACTLY why you shouldn’t be calling them that

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Being serious for a minute, are you planning to get one?

I hope you or some other folks here that do will post their impressions.

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I have one coming on Monday, with the ESS dac. I’ll post some impressions with HD650 and ZMF Atrium Open when I have some time with it. I’ll listen with Yiggy A2 as well to see how it scales / pairs with that dac.

As an aside, the 9028 ESS dac card is remarkably tiny.


Awesome! I look forward to your thoughts, and comparing notes…


Ok, sharing some impressions after 3 or so hours listening today that I also shared on SBAF, but slightly edited for clarity.

In a nutshell, this is a very resolving, clean yet highly musical and enjoyable amp. Plenty of grunt and bass impact when needed, but very tight and clean. High frequencies are extended and etch-free.

As mentioned on SBAF, I think its safe to say Pietus Maximus is 85% to 90% of the way to a MJ3. MJ3 is incredible and one of my favorite amps, regardless of topology, so this is no small praise. I would still pick MJ3 over this if it was my only amp, but it isn’t.

For the price Pietus Maximus is highway robbery. It really reminds me of the excellent price to performance ratio of the OG Bifrost 2, but in an amp. I definitely need to hear these two together in the future.

As shocking as it is, if you enjoy MJ3 this gets stupidly close in a much smaller package. I’ve only listened with the built in ESS 9028 card and don’t really feel motivated to try any other dacs at the moment. It sounds very, very good with HD6XX KISS.

It doesn’t have the last bit of precision or layering that MJ3 digs up, but goodness me is this musical and involving. Pulls you right in and engages you. Non-fatiguing and it gets better and better as you increase volume to your personal sweet spot. None of the treble etch that bothered me with Piety.

The fact it is so small and I can move it around the house (just brought it upstairs since my kids were playing Xbox loudly downstairs), is a huge bonus. Power cable and a USB C cable to my phone and I’m off to the races.

It really is a great year for solid state amps, and a great year of Schiit and Nitsch!

For reference, my main amp is a DNA Stratus V3 fed by Yiggy A2.