Now Playing - Live Music Edition

Basically as the title is. It was pointed out that we don’t have a thread dedicated for live music. Talk about upcoming shows your heading to or shows you’ve been to! Post some clips!


For anyone in the UK, Boogie Belgique will be in London on Nov 11.
They do some pretty fantastic jazzy electro-swing stuff.

Myself and a friend are going, if anyone else is then shoot me a message! First round is on me!

Deathcab for Cutie- October 27 8pm Paramount in Seattle Washington


Tomorrow - Kansas City Symphony- “Earth” symphonies. First live symphony attended in > 2 years. Great seats in the center section 7 rows from the stage. Beyond excited!

Michael Stern, conductor
Josh Jones, percussion

IMAN HABIBI: Jeder Baum Spricht (Every Tree Speaks)
ADAM SCHOENBERG Losing Earth, Percussion Concerto
RICHARD STRAUSS An Alpine Symphony

We all share this amazing planet with its extraordinary ecology and astonishing beauty. Composers often translate their own wonder and concern about Earth into compelling music. Iranian-Canadian composer Iman Habibi wrote Jeder Baum Spricht (Every Tree Speaks) as a reflection on Beethoven’s Fifth and Sixth symphonies during the observance of his (Beethoven’s) 250th birthday year. Habibi’s music encapsulates Beethoven’s reverence for nature and expresses current worries about — and hope for — our environment.

Kansas Citians have embraced Adam Schoenberg’s high-spirited music, including his Grammy® Award-nominated Picture Studies, inspired by artwork in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. His percussion concerto, Losing Earth, embodies the cyclical timelines of humanity and Earth, and the crisis presented by climate change. The music drives forward relentlessly but not without offering a sense of hope and optimism. Superbly skilled KCS Principal Percussionist Josh Jones is featured in this kaleidoscopic concerto.

Richard Strauss’ vivid depiction of summiting an Alpine peak is an exquisite expression of nature. An Alpine Symphony illustrates woods, meadows, a stream, a pasture, sunrise, a storm and so much more. Strauss represents nature while also conveying the human emotions it evokes. You won’t want to miss this mountaintop experience!” I DON’T AND I WON’T!

I was trying out a whole squadron of planar in-ears when I got stuck on this relatively new pink floyd video.


2 wonderful hours in which it became very clear to me again that it’s actually about my wonderful hobby, music, and of absolutely secondary importance about technology.


Went to see Boogie Belgique in London last night with a couple friends and had an absolute blast.
Some groups are ‘good’ live even if their music is great. These guys were simply phenomenal.

Amazing atmosphere in a small venue, can’t wait to see them again soon!

PS: If you like Electro Swing and/or Jazz then do check out some of their music!


You said it was on the 11th, now I need to cancel my trip!!

JK, they do make some great music!