Now Playing - Live Music Edition

Basically as the title is. It was pointed out that we don’t have a thread dedicated for live music. Talk about upcoming shows your heading to or shows you’ve been to! Post some clips!


For anyone in the UK, Boogie Belgique will be in London on Nov 11.
They do some pretty fantastic jazzy electro-swing stuff.

Myself and a friend are going, if anyone else is then shoot me a message! First round is on me!

Deathcab for Cutie- October 27 8pm Paramount in Seattle Washington


Tomorrow - Kansas City Symphony- “Earth” symphonies. First live symphony attended in > 2 years. Great seats in the center section 7 rows from the stage. Beyond excited!

Michael Stern, conductor
Josh Jones, percussion

IMAN HABIBI: Jeder Baum Spricht (Every Tree Speaks)
ADAM SCHOENBERG Losing Earth, Percussion Concerto
RICHARD STRAUSS An Alpine Symphony

We all share this amazing planet with its extraordinary ecology and astonishing beauty. Composers often translate their own wonder and concern about Earth into compelling music. Iranian-Canadian composer Iman Habibi wrote Jeder Baum Spricht (Every Tree Speaks) as a reflection on Beethoven’s Fifth and Sixth symphonies during the observance of his (Beethoven’s) 250th birthday year. Habibi’s music encapsulates Beethoven’s reverence for nature and expresses current worries about — and hope for — our environment.

Kansas Citians have embraced Adam Schoenberg’s high-spirited music, including his Grammy® Award-nominated Picture Studies, inspired by artwork in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. His percussion concerto, Losing Earth, embodies the cyclical timelines of humanity and Earth, and the crisis presented by climate change. The music drives forward relentlessly but not without offering a sense of hope and optimism. Superbly skilled KCS Principal Percussionist Josh Jones is featured in this kaleidoscopic concerto.

Richard Strauss’ vivid depiction of summiting an Alpine peak is an exquisite expression of nature. An Alpine Symphony illustrates woods, meadows, a stream, a pasture, sunrise, a storm and so much more. Strauss represents nature while also conveying the human emotions it evokes. You won’t want to miss this mountaintop experience!” I DON’T AND I WON’T!

I was trying out a whole squadron of planar in-ears when I got stuck on this relatively new pink floyd video.


2 wonderful hours in which it became very clear to me again that it’s actually about my wonderful hobby, music, and of absolutely secondary importance about technology.


Went to see Boogie Belgique in London last night with a couple friends and had an absolute blast.
Some groups are ‘good’ live even if their music is great. These guys were simply phenomenal.

Amazing atmosphere in a small venue, can’t wait to see them again soon!

PS: If you like Electro Swing and/or Jazz then do check out some of their music!


You said it was on the 11th, now I need to cancel my trip!!

JK, they do make some great music!

hey headphones dot com fam

reallyoldcob here

my partner and I run a ~boutique~ Brooklyn-based record label called Paper Moon Records

we produce records, music videos, live sessions, playlists, and events!

here’s our latest Paper Moon Session featuring the artist James Lockhart Jr.

I record/mix/master all of these sessions in my studio mostly using a pair of HiFiMan Sundara and Focal Utopia :sunglasses:

see y’all at CanJam NYC :wave:


:I’m attending Sofia Campos concert next friday here in Brazil! She is from Argentina, but she has also lived in Brazil as a teenager and due to that she sings in spanish and portuguese! She was nominated to latin grammy this year, but didn’t win :frowning:

The concert will also have another singer, Carla Casarim, she is brazilian and has been a semifinalist of the local The Voice tv show.

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Just wanted to share here that I snagged a ticket to see Gogo Penguin live in Brooklyn in May. Rather inconveniently the show is just a few hours after I get back from a week on safari in South Africa, so it’s going to be very interesting to see whether I can make it all the way from South Africa back to NJ and then to Brooklyn for a concert all in the same day. I’m not about to pass up my first (and apparently only) opportunity to see/hear them stateside in the last 4 years, though. :smiley:

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I fell asleep at a Rancid concert once, after traveling from London to Chicago earlier that day. Having flown from South Africa to Chicago (a much longer flight) a few times after a safari, I’ve never attempted anything other than sleep, so all I can say is drink lots of coffee and Red Bull. But even if you miss the show, hopefully your memories from the safari will make it all worthwhile.

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I am SO annoyed that it’s the SAME DAY! But that’s their only show in the area so I’m going to try my damnedest to make it! :pray: That’s why I posted it here. To try to pressure myself to actually make it! lol

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At Bryce Jordan Center in Penn State waiting for the Toto / Journey concert to begin.


This is sooooooo good!!! I listened to a couple of these tracks. I then fired up Roon & Qobuz and added every piece of their music I could and I am now listening to it all. I have yet to hear an average or mediocre tune - everything I have heard is just fabulous!
You really need to put out a video or post weekly with a music review. I, quite literally, watch everyone of your reviews with Roon open and grab the music you are demo-ing. I’m forever grateful to you for Bob Moses and the Emotional Oranges!!! Your content is just phenomenal - pls keep us fed…

I always add to my playlist the music the @GoldenSound mentions on his reviews.

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Very enjoyable concert last night. I was surprised at how much I liked Toto with the current lineup. Journey had cut their travel plans a bit tight, and were flying into the University Park airport when traffic was diverted to Harrisburg due to a “suspicious object” (bomb threat). So they landed an hour and a half away an hour before the concert started. While Toto was playing, they were in a van going over snowy mountain roads. The break after Toto went just a hair long, and Journey came in, having arrived during the breakdown of Toto’s set. And gave a really “on” concert. They were gone just minutes after the concert was over, needing to get back to Harrisburg to fly to Hardfort CT for a 1 PM concert there.

Barbara and I support Arnel Pineda’s APFI foundation and brought a sign to signal him. He found us . . .


So I just grabbed this on HD Tracks. Was the 2nd Live Album I ever owned. Worth it just for the Live Version of No Quarter.

So it made me think what’s everyone’s top 5 Live Albums


  1. The Who Live At Leeds
  2. Genesis Live
  3. Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same
  4. Peter Gabriel Plays Live
  5. The Cure Paris

Just missing the cut:

Toad The Wet Sprocket 5 Live
Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder
Kiss Alive 2
Black Sabbath Live Evil
(Maybe should have been a top 10)

  1. Tribute: Ozzy
  2. Unleashed in the East: Judas Priest
  3. Frampton comes alive!! …
  4. Live after death: Iron Maiden
  5. Recently discovered— Carnegie Hall 1970: Neil Young

A couple honorable mentions (and 1 not-so-honorable)

Hot August Night: Neil Diamond
Exit Stage Left: Rush
Double Live Gonzo!: Ted Nugent …yeah I know

  1. Piink Floyd The Wall
  2. Eagles Hotel California
  3. Carlos Santana Abraxis
    4.The Doors 50th anniversary album
    5.Led Zeppelin IV
    Missed cut.
    Zz top Fandango
    Police synchronicity
    Dire Straits brothers in arms

Oops not all of mine are live albums :grimacing:

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