Seattle Meet-Up 01/25/2020

FYI - This is coming up this weekend and figured I’d let people know since there’s a number of PacNW members in this community.

This is being hosted by @BIGPOPPA in West Seattle. I was at the last one and there was a really great turnout. I am very tentative for this one unfortunately, but if things work out, i’ll try to make it!


Gil (@BIGPOPPA) hosts an awesome meet.

Sadly, the last one I made it to was the Bottlehead one (the year before last?) - though it was a blast all the same, and my now-wife even tagged along (and totally monopolized Queen Eileen’s time).

If I can get enough done ahead of Saturday, I’m going to try and make this. Will bring the HEDDphone (maybe the MySphere 3.2 too) if I do.

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I see that Johnjen is bringing his HEDDphone set, so I’ll limit mine to the MySphere and sub in the SR1a/Jot R combo.

Assuming I can make it, but I’m going to try.

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