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Now playing – NCAA basketball. Cuts down traffic here.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the best Ireland has to offer: Sinead O’Connor and Me. :ireland: :four_leaf_clover: :green_heart: :headphones:

Sinéad O’Connor - I Am Stretched on Your Grave (Official Audio) - YouTube


Listening to Little Earthquakes for the first time since the '90s (probably). Recently got the 2022 remastered 2 LP set. Despite a couple of defects on a couple of leading tracks, the over all quality is good. The music… I remember why it was in heavy rotation during my university days. Good instrumental music with interesting lyrics.

So, you can make me cum
That doesn’t make you Jesus

Entertaining? Thought provoking? Well, not boring for sure.

It’s 30% off at Amazon.

She even predicted covid:

And if I die today I’ll be the happy phantom
And I’ll go chasing the nuns out in the yard
And I’ll run naked through the streets without my mask on


So I’d gotten a bit tired of the Celtic / St. Pat’s playlists of the past few days at work, and browsed Qobuz for some nice hi-res music. At work, I tend to a western vibe in clothes, so I’m not as boring as in real life. For St. Pat’s I was wearing my Tecovas lizard boots and a green Tecovas western shirt (yes I had pants on, ye of dirty minds, just slacks…) And low and behold this gem pops up:

This is going to be on what @hnordberg calls “heavy rotation”.


This is now available from Mobile Fidelity, and at musicdirect.com

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This is an interesting release, Daniel Herskedal is a Norwegian tubist. His playing is really interesting, mellow, and the compositions are his.


The release features Emilie Nicolas, also a Norwegian singer song writer. She is a very diverse writer, has some very pop sounding stuff and some more unique songs also, but she is an astonishing voice with a ton of flexibility and nuance.

This is more jazz but borders on ambient, but if you listen closely to her, you can get lost in it. Hers is the kind of voice I would follow into an oncoming bus if walking around with, say, a Bathys on my head or something…



Highly recommend the 24/96 downloads of Tigerlily by Rhino-Elektra. WOW, extra layer of details and sounds. Significant difference compared to the older 16/44.1 PCM.


New acquisition. Original pressing, Minty. :smiley: :black_heart: One of the defining albums of my teen years.


So I bought the 2023 boxset of this album and I can’t recommend it enough! The remastered 2022 version is the absolute best sounding yet! A rare thing, but this remaster surpasses the original cd :cd: I have. Just fantastic


I cleaned up my Sony CDP-CE535, hooked it up via TOSLINK to my Bifrost 2 (OG) & Asgard 3 stack and started listening to:


This is absolutely excellent. Routed in Africa. It is soulful and melodious. Some of the best world music I’ve listened to.


So, today I decided to go rogue and plug EE Legend EVO into Stellaris and listen to what may very well be the best progressive trance album ever made. With surprisingly incredible resuls. :smiley: Now I have to pull out my 2x12"…


I :heart: :man_dancing: :penguin:.

“We May Not Stay” is definitely my favorite. :headphones: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This one really wowed me!!

May be the most I’ve been impressed with my system so far. Staging, dynamics, imaging, etc. really blew me away! A very engaging soundtrack …never got boring as some can imo. I’ve probably listened 4 or 5 times through in the last couple weeks.

I need more like this!!… What’s everyone’s favorite soundtrack or the like?

Red->May->Envy->Susvara …



The Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk. Especially the Derezzed version



What a question - favorite soundtrack. @hnordberg started opening the can of worms - I have a TRON soundtrack album of music by Wendy Carlos and also Journey. Wendy also did the score for ClockWork Orange, which makes me shift Kubric gears to Amadeus which had an awesome soundtrack.

But then I think of Help! and that soundtrack… All these soundtrack going around. But the standouts?
I’m a fan of Pink Floyd’s early soundtracks, possibly because “Obscured by Clouds” is perhaps acid etched into my brain, “More” to a lesser degree. I love these albums in a way that The Wall and Animals will never compare. A truly more relaxed side of Pink Floyd.

If we’re talking soundtracks, don’t forget Fantasia the truly stellar Disney film from 1940 which was all about the music.

Yeah, I always come back to the *Obscured by Clouds" soundtrack. It was a pretty good time in my life.