The Litter Box

Due to a sudden, recent, and significant increase in what I can only describe as posts that are either low value or raw noise (also known as “shit posting”), I am creating a thread to help manage them.

When posts add no value to a discussion, especially if there are several such posts in a row, and/or are significantly off topic (for no good reason), or are just noise in a thread that doesn’t have good signal-to-noise ratio as it is, they will be moved here (rather than just deleted).

Such posts will be moved without warning.

Don’t feel bad if you find your posts occasionally getting moved here unless, you know, you suddenly find that it is actually most of your posts!


I live here now :thinking: :sweat_smile: :cry:


I’ve been naughty…


Who can get the highest litter box ratio? 100%?

For some reason this song came to mind:


I was thinking about starting a new topic, called:

  • “Kustom Kontent Kaleidoscope”, or
  • “Roulette Wheel”, or
  • “The Potassium River Flowing Under the Gelatin Dessert Igloo in Marshmallow Land”

The very special thread spins any existing thread in an unexpected direction, to include:

  • Good content that’s unrelated to the actual subject
  • Off-topic content in an on-topic thread
  • On-topic content in an off-topic thread
  • Off-topic-on-topic content in an On-topic-off-topic thread
  • And, oh, so much more!

The only rule is that new posts must not be consistent with prior posts.

However, I realized that the recently retired @Torq planted the seed in The Litter Box months ago. Why reinvent the wheel? Who can spin your head the farthest and fastest? Free charcoal-asparagus-cat-fur-chocolates to the winner!