Off Topic Gaming Thread

The best you can do at the Moment. Wait.
Maybe even for Intel in Spring- will be good for the prices…hopefully :joy:

I was offered a 5800x today. For 480. And I decided to skip it. Last week I had the 5800x in my online Shopping cart, while I did get the info by one of our external IT Guys, about the 3070 in stock for a reasonable price at a very good source. Took me 2 minutes to order the GPU. In the meantime the CPU was out of stock.
The now running 3600x 6 core is ok. One week later it is 80 bucks more, If even available.
It even came with it’s aircooler. Could have saved the 70€ for the Noctua, but I prefer a silent PC.
With the 5800x, I can simply add a second fan for a Push/pull config and keep the aircooler…
But with the upcoming new NZXT 63 or a cheap but very good tested Arctic Freezer II 280 AIO for sub 100€.

Want to keep it together for the sub 800 ZMF closed Back. My savings for the Phonitor Xe got eaten up by this pc build. We live in strange times and it is OK.
All are healthy and there is work. Stores are open and we even have toilet paper LoL. I can order food for our Dog, which became a Problem, for a few months, as he is allergic. So all is fine :slight_smile:

And hey… Maybe there is a small chance for a 2020 Bonus, who Knies…

On the other side… 699 for one of the best 3070 GPUs, is not that bad. It is super silent, in the open case, ~2 feet away. But it is gigantic and heavy. Love me some overbuild stuff. It comes with an arm

, to support the 1.5kg brick LoL

I am ok with paying the on top now, as like early Adopter Fee. My working ergonomics went through the roof. Editing videos in Davinci and pics in LR Classic/PS is fun. Though miss our 27inch proper calibrated Screen, my wife is using in our Home-office room.


I picked up a pair of Penrose’s for my kids. I will know how they sound post-Christmas and if they are kid-approved.


Skyrim came to Xbox Game Pass so I’m once again entering the world of Tamriel for the Holidays. Going to bring along the Focal Radiance and 64 Audio Nio for the journey and see how it holds up with its 10th re-release. The only thing ported over more is GTA V.


Well… something showed up early…

Time to start setting up and prepping old consoles for sale or trade in :slight_smile:


Congrats! Now you’re officially next-gen’d up!!!

I hope you’ve 2x HDMI 2.1 ports and more than 24hrs in your day to manage your time responsibly. LOL

The PS5 has been taking my listening time, the only possible trade-off these days.


My son is extremely jealous of you. We can’t get one in UK at the moment. We’ll we could if we paid almost double on Ebay. We’ll wait.


Congratulations Tyler aka @DarthPool !!


Yeah, just need to find time to play now lol… also upgrading my games is killing my internet bandwidth… this next gen stuff is literally making the games twice as big… I’ve spent more time downloading updates then playing.

Also, I’ve been very lucky in beating the bots and scalpers…


I finally had a chance to get some listening in with the Audeze Penrose that I purchased for my son. They’re interesting. they have very good separation, but the timbre seems a little off. They also seem a little bass-lite, but I can kind of see how this would be beneficial for gaming (too much and it would probably have a negative effect on pinpointing ‘targets’).

I don’t game, so these are just some quick impressions with music playback. The AudezeHQ software is available for Windows as the Penrose has been added, but a Mac version is in the works according to Audeze’s website. I think these would benefit from DSP, as planars take to EQ well.

I’ll update after playing around with the AudezeHQ app when it’s released.



Picked up a Legion 5 on sale from Best Buy to replace my tower and it’s been great!

Much in the way that a new fitbit can make people feel obligated to start working out again, this machine has made me pick up and play games more in the past week than I have in the year prior.
I decided to put away my fears and fire up Apex Legends, and I’ve been having a blast.

The temps of the GTX 1660 Ti and the i7-10750H are kept in check for the most part (considering this is a laptop)

If I really push the CPU in particular with a Cinebench run, it’ll peak at around 95C, but other than that, it stays relatively chilly, especially in the cool/quiet mode.

I was also able to beat the top Firestrike Ultra score for this CPU/GPU combo, though it took a little extra help…

Benchmarking counts as gaming because there are high scores.


An Update on the Penrose, I can not tear them away from my Kids to listen to them. My Daughter is strongest user and likes then very much… She runs her own Discord server for her friends to jointly play Minecraft and few more games. Last night she was getting crazy loud and excited with her friends. She is super happy with built in mic and wireless support. AirPods Pro stay in the case.


Hello folks. I have a new in the box Logitech X56 hotas I’m trying to sell. I’ve had bad luck with eBay scammers and locals who want it but never show up. These are currently being gouged like crazy on eBay. Anyone here interested? Not sure if I’m allowed to post it on the buy/sell section. I’d like to get $300 net to me (I paid about $400 after shipping, taxes, and a bit of gouge markup).

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Haven’t gamed at the desk in months. Haven’t turned on gaming pc in months.

Want to try a game, terrified to limp the old box through the inevitable pile of updates.

Ugh. Consoles are better.

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18hours later, I can start updating steam!

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If someone plays Dota, tell me is the game still alive? Or with each new update it is finished off…