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Hello all!
So, need some newbie advice…
Remodeling (thanks to hurricane Ian), and I am having the contractor put in a dedicated outlet for current and future plans of equipment. (at this time all I have is an iFi Gryphon and Focal Radiance)
They are using the yellow 12/2 wiring. Will go to a dedicated 20 amp breaker - with a basic electrical panel surge protector that was already there.

Q#1: is this a good enough wire to use (resistance issues, other, etc.)? And do I need to do anything else with this run from panel to outlet?

Q#2: What other not-crazy-$s surge/conditioner unit do you recommend for the equipment to plug into? (Audioquest, etc)

Thanks for your help!!

If you are going dedicated that’s all you need. If you want to go over the top and waste money they have “audiophile” electric cables but it’s not cheap.

If it’s a couple 100 for the cables than I would do it but not more than that I would pass. I still wouldn’t do it honestly as you should already know your units already filter all the AC coming out of your walls.

But if it helps you sleep at night and clearly the work has to be done, it’s on you

Only company I know that does legit UL listed electric wiring is king rex audio

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RE: Q#1: I haven’t done any wiring work behind the walls of my house, but the internet is full of advice.
Paul from PS Audio has some videos on YouTube about this subject. Here’s one: AC wiring tips for audio - YouTube

RE: Q#2: I use a PS Audio Power Plant in my system. The P12 is on sale this month (Feb 2023). This may, or may not, stray into your definition of “crazy” prices. PowerPlant 12 – PS Audio

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