Power Discussion: Power cables, conditioners, regenerators, surge protectors, outlets, dedicated lines

P12 and P5 are PS Audio branded Power Plants. P12 is the base model. The Stellar line P3 is currently on sale for $1649…it would be considered an entry level regenerator. It’s doesn’t have enough juice to run a large system, or a high powered amp. Nothing fancy, no software upgrades, no internet access. It is not user upgradable, nor does it have the Power Play data like the P5/P12 do. If you buy used, get something under three years old, since warranties are transferable. My P5 is ten years old, and is on borrowed time. Do NOT consider the model before the P5, which was the Power Plant Premier. Lots of failures.

I agree completely that a $5K conditioner makes little sense for a $2K system.
The Furman line of products offer good solutions at their price point. Isotek has some good stuff too, and they run sales from time to time. If you don’t need conditioning per se, and just want good quality power strips, take a look over at Emotiva. I used their DC offset power strip to troubleshoot some stuff. Build quality is decent.

Check Audio Advisor for Furman stuff. They often have discounted returns, demos, etc. Good vendor. I’ve dealt with them on a few things over the years.


I went whole house ( own home 2900 sqft, concrete slab, FLA) via the power company, not only did they check my service, repair a transformer down the street that was noisy they found my ground was weak and corrected that. Along with my electrician which cost me $100. The Power company cost me zero for their service , the whole house protection to include surge warranted by them cost me $17.00 a month. That was 4 years ago. I use a Furman power station for my 2 chl and APC Battery backups for my internet items and PC.


I use a Furman power station for all my 2 ch audio. However once I plugged my amp directly into the wall I noticed a significant improvement. I have a Benchmark amp and they told me they recommend taking power from the wall not conditioners. They were right. I still have my DAC and Pre Amp plugged into the Furman. My two REL Subs are also plugged directly into the wall .

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Mine is connected to a dedicated 20amp service into a separate sub panel . Nothing on it, but my 2 chl. MY computer and internet set on their own 20amp and my TV and AVR, subs set on another. Amazing what you get when you remove all the other junk off a service line, like lights, fans, kitchen interference, dimmer switches, electric garage doors etc…

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What a great idea - I’ll check to see if I can do that.

I live in an old house, and the electricity quality is pretty bad. This is compounded by the fact that my home office is in the basement, sharing a line with a freezer and furnace.

Using a PS Audio Power Plant 3 helped a lot with removing the noise. The only noise I ever got was when using my Stellia on my Nautilus tube amp, there would be a faint buzz whenever the furnace/air conditioning kicked in. I didn’t have any noise on any other amp or headphone.

Replacing the Power Plant with a Core Power Technologies Deep Core 1800 and Equi Core 1000 removed the faint buzz without harming dynamics, so I’m now listening in total silence. I will be buying more Core Power Stuff in the future whenever the need arises for power conditioning.


I’m not the kind of rep that will pull your arm in one direction or another - I’ll speak from my own experience by first encouraging you to think about the following:

-What do you want to accomplish? Are you doing this for the organization, or do you want a clear boost in performance?
-Where are you going to put this? Does room limit what options you have?
-Is there any specific tech you’re looking for such as active noise cancellation?
-How many ports will you need?

The subjective: I have two Powerstations and they are great. I live a in a connected condo complex, and had unexplainable issues with noise and interference (hums and buzzes at random times of day with no consistency) coming from the power in my building.The Powerstations somehow solved these problems, and that; was all I needed to know. I was very lucky to ironically have a problem that I could test, and they did what they said they would.


@SebastienChiu I have a bunch of electronics in my streaming chain that have wall wart PSUs, and I was thinking about replacing each wall wart with an iPower 2 to reduce the electrical noise from each PSU. For about the same price, I could buy a Powerstation and plug all the wall warts into that.

Do you recommend either option?

I know what kind of rep you are. The kind that gets respect here. I was still looking for a bit of rah rah cheerleading with examples of use cases and more info than iFi marketing seems to provide.

I may still get a Power Station sometime in the future. For now I went for an open box or nearly new Furman Elite 15 from EBAY. Got a decent price reflecting that it’s not factory fresh. I figure it is probably better than the Monster unit I got used from Tweeter years ago and which I still have in service.

Had to make a decision quickly so I have time to put everything in order prior to my medical procedure after which I expect to be reclining and listening during recovery.


How did you do that via the power company? What was the process? Not sure it will work here in Lancaster PA, we have Amish Electric… :pig2:

:pig2: “I believe you should use waterpower instead.”

ON the dedicated 20amps, the electrician handled that. Acquired the proper permits etc.
Whole house surge" I just called power company and told them I have some power noise issues, per my electrician. . Plus they send out letters offering whole house surge protection and when they come out they do a audit on your outside line. Nice to have your electrician that has some techy instruments to work with them on your behalf if you don’t know anything about AC power, grounding etc… A lot depends on the age of your home and if its up to the current code. Apartment or high rise condo well could be a whole nother story as the power isn’t yours to modify. A ground level condo that is yours should be no problem.

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Thank you :slight_smile: rah rah cheerleading isn’t my style and it would come off as not genuine.

I appreciate you keeping the Powerstation still on your interest list, for the future!

Best of luck in your surgery and recovery bud!

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