Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier

This is the place to discuss the Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier (professional version, predating Fidelice line of products).

Rupert Neve’s analog circuit designs have garnered a legendary status in the recording industry.


I’ve owned the RNHP amplifier for nearly a year now and I’m sill impressed with its performance.

It’s a very clean, and resolving amplifier that maintains a very natural sound. What I imagine many refer to as “musical”. Power is sufficient for most any headphones with what I imagine the exception of extremely power hungry high impedance headphones such as certain planars.

I’ve had no difficulty powering my Audeze LCD-X, which are low impedance.

I have no reservations in recommending this as an alternative to similarly priced offerings (yes, it’s only SE) such as any of the THX amplifiers.

Screenshot of product specifications.


I didn’t know you had the RNHP for as long as that.

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Yeah, I’m kind of OG. Haha…

I actually had two at one point. One for my leisure setup, and one for my computer. I returned one when I heard about the Fidelice launch (still within return window).

I’ll probably be ordering another RNHP since the Fidelice version is virtually the same but more than double the price (as gorgeous as the new casework is).

I like it enough to be my ‘standard’ amp. I’ll add others in the future (SPL Phonitor, tube, etc.)

Either way the RNHP is a great little amp, imo.


You know I agree! .

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Yup. You’re already a couple of steps ahead of me!

You have your Phonitor and your waiting on your Clears. I’m jelly…

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What would be the differences in sound between this and one of the THX amps (789,887,888)?

It’s close to twice the price here though.

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I haven’t heard a THX amp, but I know that @DarthPool and @Andrew_Davis have listened to both.

Maybe they’ll ‘chime in’ in a bit.

For me, the RNHP just gives a pleasantly accurate presentation. There’s detail, depth, and staging all done in a ‘natural’ way.

Apologies if that comes across as vague. That’s just my impressions of it.


It was more of a “lively” and “fuller/richer” presentation over the THX amps which to me can be very good but sterile sounding. I think of it closer in sound to the Jotunheim than the THX amps. But, that is just my opinion.


What Darth said! My impression was just that the RNHP was a little fuller, richer and warmer (a tad) without sacrificing any detail.

I also perceived greater dynamics in the RNHP. But that might be the effect of the fuller tones creating greater contrast, not an actual volume difference in dynamics. If that makes any sense at all.

To my ears the differences between solid state amps is small compared to the differences between headphones. So grain of salt. But the differences described here are real. And I have to say that I often find myself choosing the RNHP over my SPL Phonitor e at thrice the price. :laughing:


Thanks guys!

What’s a better suit for Verite you think. RNHP or a Lyr 3?

Hmmm… I personally would go with the Lyr3, but, the RNHP is a good alternative especially if one isn’t interested in tubes.

I’m interested in tubes and a tube sound. Certainly interested in a warmer/fuller less dry sound than the THX.

But don’t want full blown tubes, the heat, the big warm up time, the few hundred bucks to replace all the tubes.

RNHP is the easier to use I guess, set and forget.

Nothing to set. Lol.

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Set it down on my desk.

Forget I spent too much.


with the RNHP :smirk: you have to invest in Lego, Ben @BuffaloWing

@Andrew_Davis and @ValentineLuke can explain it


It seems like you stick a small circle piece of lego on the green light? haha. Guessing they always on when something is plugged in?


it´s more the amount of brightness vs the green light for themselves

nothing to worry about - however don´t walk into the light and have sunglasses handy :laughing:
I dramatised of course

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Yeah, it’s more of a running joke than a real problem. It’s pro gear so LEDs are meant to be able to be seen “on location” in the daytime so they’re bright. Here’s a pic from the website.


So I fished through my kid’s Lego bin, found some matching, 1x1 round flat grey Legos and stuck them on the LED’s with a tiny speck of blue tack. By chance they match almost perfectly. Who knew stealing from children could be so useful?