This company is currently hitting one blockbuster after another on the market.


I have had some very good experiences with this DAC / amp in the last few days.

In my opinion, it plays at least on the level of a Fiio K9pro, but is much more versatile due to its setting options, remote control, volume separation between headphone amplifier and DAC…

And looks a lot better.


And now this model, if the A30 is anywhere near as good as my A20, it’s a safe bet for me to power my desk speakers.

For me so far a completely underestimated brand that I will keep an eye on from now on:



I saw this on Amazon. What I can’t find is the output power of the amp. Into say 32 ohm

Why do none of these amps ever seem to have an HPF for the speakers?

It’s great that they have an LPF for the sub but I want to remove what I am sending to the sub from the mains.

Not a complaint at Sabaj but most of these amps in general.

If the quoted 200W into 4Ω and 100W into 8Ω are accurate, then it should do 25W into 32Ω.

And it should be fine doing that; it’s going into lower-than-rated impedances where things tend to get iffy.

[Edit: These numbers refer to the A30A]

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I was looking at the SABAJ A20d 2022 Version, Hi-Res Balanced Audio DAC, True Balanced Output Headphone Amplifier, I think you were looking at Lothar’s other link, the one he is thinking of for speakers.

1.1 Watts @ 33 Ohm according to ASR measurements.

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Are you getting this to listen to? I’m interested in hearing about it, after all ASR likes some nice measuring DACs that have sound as brittle as an over baked philo dough spanakopita crust.

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I would place the headphone output of the Sabaj on the same level as the FiiO K9pro,

which is not bad (see DMS’es rating).

Personally, I find the DAC output even a bit more dynamic and spacious than with the Fiio.

However, the Sabaj beats the Fiio by far when it comes to directly adjustable (or via remote control) features.

In addition, it is optically and priced compared to the Fiio, the much more attractive offer.


This doesn’t even sound “sterile” in the slightest, like the earlier DACs and amps from ChiFi-Land did (topping, S.M.S.L…)


Topping (Guangzhou Topping Electronics & Technology) is Chinese, not Japanese.



Ok, Ok please Excuse this gaffe🤦🏻

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Doesn’t look like a gaffe. You did say “Ch-Fi” which is shorthand for Chinese High Fidelity. And all of the companies you mentioned including FIIO and SMSL are from China. Looks like either Guangzhou or Shenzhen.

But on another subject, did you ever get to listen to the Sabaj a10d 2022 edition? It appears to also be good at about $150 less. Apparently not a true balanced, and a cheaper version of the ESS 9038 chip - not the PRO. But the output seems to be the same - probably the same TI optamos. ASR seemed to fawn over it’s measurements also. Except the SINAD wasn’t as good, and you know how they like SINAD.

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Well, of course I knew the topping and co. are from China, but had titled “land of the rising sun” in the original text . And thus our Chinese friend, possibly I hurt his honor by using a Japanese synonym.

Japan is the “land of the rising sun.” Their flag:

Japan and China are very different places and some people in each country have hard feelings following wars dating back centuries.

[Side note, my mother once emailed one of those chain letters of things “in Japan” but they were all in China!]

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Shows how much I pay attention to titles a few messages up. Of course that would explain the gaffe.

I guess there are a few companies from Japan in the headphone game - like STAX!
And that conglomerate Sony.

Big world, so many toes to be careful not to step on. Of course, as an American, I’m privileged to act as a bull in a china shop (small c china as in ceramic dish shop) and just start talking louder when people don’t understand American English.

OK, call me French, even though I’m German, and I wouldn’t get toooooo excited about it :person_shrugging:

We also fought against each other in World War II, but meanwhile we got over this crap.

Sometimes it’s time to find each other and let go of boundaries in your head instead of still holding grudges almost 80 years later.

My opinion.

We may have gotten a bit off topic there ………

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I agree with this statement :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I am not going to move the posts to off topic as I’m not sure the conversation is headed anywhere.

So back to the Sabaj…


I’ve gone ahead and ordered one of the a20d 2022 versions. Estimated delivery is August 10. Was reading the Rosson Audio RAD-0 manual, and they do recommend more power than I get with the xDSD. I have two use cases for the Sabaj. Not travel, but in the second house in State College, or perhaps to replace my aging TEAC DAC in the main audio system.

At work, I use the iFi ZenBlue V2 to send streaming into my integrated amp. I could try it there, but I’m happy with the ZenBlue for that purpose. I suspect any sound limitations are still with BT5 instead of running a wire inconveniently in the office. Still it would give me a comparison point should I want one.


What I have heard so far with this amp / DAC acoustically and tonally leads me to believe that you will not be disappointed.

In the past few days, for health reasons, I have only plugged in my finest in-ears.

And WOW, the device plays extremely clean.

I have never perceived my CA-Andromeda so “clearly”, spaciously and precisely without hearing the slightest “noise”.

So I can understand, and not just a little, why Amir praises this device to the skies and rams Chord to the ground. As far as background noise and cleanliness goes, he’s absolutely right, that’s easy to prove with the CA-Andromeda, because so far the Mojo2 has been my premise with most Campfire plugs, and there’s a slight background noise immediately noticeable.

In terms of sound, there is a very clean, tidy, clear and spacious listening experience, compared to a “cosy, warm” sound that is even more precise in imaging.

Both have their merits, since neither of the two sound patterns really “bothers” you in the remotest sense.

Have fun with the device and let me know what you think of it.

I myself “sign off” for a few days because I have a medical emergency.


I hope you get well soon Lothar_Wolf. Take care.