Schiit B-Stocks

Schiit Audio has a B-Stock page that many people may not be aware of.

They restock this page’s inventory every month or two.

The inventory just got restocked today (10/15/2018) with a lot of toys.


Black Jotunheim? Yes please.


Well Schiit!

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Great info. I wasn’t aware of this st all.


I might have to pick one of these up. I wonder why the black Jotunheim is $100 less than the same silver one. Do people not like black THAT much?

Although I would REALLY love a Lyr at that price…

I picked up the black non-DAC version… Honestly people salivate over the black ones on Avexchange?? are you sure you weren’t seeing the DAC included price difference?

Maybe I was seeing things but the Jotunheim Multibit was $449 in Black and $549 in silver…

100 dollars difference for a color. Hopefully that isn’t a pricing error on Schiits part. If so… ORDER ORDER ORDER.


damn, yeah that is a good deal, I already put in my order for the non-DAC version. I think I prefer keeping them separate (I can’t explain why I feel this way lol).

You just want more toys. :slight_smile:

(I do too)

But guys, don’t tempt me. I know I started this thread, but I am bottling my curiosities.


I can neither confirm nor deny this…

I am starting to build up a group of DACs and amps that I don’t even use, I should look into offloading them soon lol…we really do need to get a community for sale setup going lol…I guess I can venture onto Head-fi, or Avexchange…always such a pain though.

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All the cool kids are doing it. If you don’t, you’ll be ostracized from the society. You’ll never know what awesome and cool things you missed out on. Years from now, you might even die alone… a shallow and empty husk of the audiophile you could have been.

Buy the Schiit bro. Don’t die alone.



Audiophiles, don’t let Audiophiles die alone! Lol

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Remind me tomorrow, and you can get your ears on the Jotunheim I have sitting here (on loan for review purposes), before yours arrives.


It’s going to be a nice break from this week’s work stress and sadness (Vulcan is a little down this week for good reason). It will be good catching up on some quality Audio news and demo.


Very sad regarding Paul.

He was always inspiring; especially in person.


Definitely. He did so many great things for the community and the world as a whole. He’s going to be missed. I hope his legacy continues.


Getting back on topic for a moment …

It’s worth noting that “Black Schiit” generally sells faster than the normal silver stuff … at least in the used/pre-loved market.

Some of those models come up so rarely in black that hen’s teeth are more common.