Schiit Magni Heresy - Amp - Official Thread

I pronounce it she eye iit to make me feel better.

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@Torq - What headphone(s) did you use for this review?

I picked up a FiiO Q1 Mark 2 for its portable versatility (USB and line-in) that has already paid for itself.

However, need a couple new amps to drive M1060s, DT770, and HE4xx (the last being bass anemic on anything I plug it into compared to the M1060s, which seems wrong to me)

So I’m starting a mini amp and op-amp collection to see why I am getting so many flavors with changes that on paper, I don’t think should yield the dramatic differences in sound my son and I are hearing when we swap cans.

Have FocusRite, Prosonus, and Behringer equipment for grunt work, but I don’t want these on my desk (they’re in my rack).

For the blind comparisons, I used Focal Utopia, Rosson Audio RAD-0 and ZMF Verite.

For the general listening and power/drive tests, I ran all of my conventional cans with them, so the three above, and then also the Stellia, LCD-4, HD800S and HD820, Eikon and MySphere 3.2.

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Man, $100 for an amp that performs as well as the Heresy kind of makes me want to pick one up. I really have no need for it, but I still find it intriguing. I started off with an original Modi and O2 amp just a few years ago. It’s good to see so much progress in that time.


I just placed an order for a Modi 3 and a Heresy.

Lately most of my listening is done at my desk (or when travelling) and my desk set up is an SU-8 into a Loxjie P20, so I wanted to add a solid state amp. My idea is to move the Atom from my home desk to work and add the Schiit stack to my home desk.

Not that I need it but I always thought the Schiit stack looked cool (and I can’t afford a Phonitor :wink: )

It will be a while before I get them though, as I either need to visit the US office or wait for someone to travel this way.