Schiit Modi, Vali 2, Loki, PYST cable, Intropose Cross connect

Price: 325
Currency: USD
Ships to: US
I am selling a superb Schiit stack.

  • Modi purchased in December 2018. Modi is missing the “di” on the label. Otherwise mint. ($75 shipped)

  • The Vali 2 purchased in December 2018 has been upgraded with Electro Harmonix 6922 vacuum tube. This is a highly rated and recommended tube that sounds and performs better than the stock tube because it has a super low noise floor, virtually eliminating audible noise from the Vali 2. Great combination to get hybrid tube sound without the noise. Also including stock tube. Mint except for faded headphone icon above front jack. ($125 shipped)

  • Loki was purchased second-hand in October 2019. Mint condition. This is a great EQ solution from Schiit. I used this with Denon D9200 and Focal Clear and it was outstanding for elevating the missing parts of those headphones. ($125 shipped)

  • Original boxes for all items.

  • Also have the Ridgid Cross Connect Y Splitter for Schiit Stack ($25 shipped) and a pair of PYST cables ($15 shipped)

I am asking $325 shipped for the entire stack with cross connects and PYST cables or individually priced as marked. This retails new for $445 without taxes.

Photos and timestamp:


Great stuff!!! If I didn’t have a Loki already I would snag it, it’s tempting to grab another one for my other area lol!


I am wondering if I will regret selling the Loki. It’s a wonderful piece of gear.


I love mine, I use it with my THX stuff we were talking about earlier lol and also my nearfield desktop speakers to give them a little more bass and pull back a little on the treble. I could never sell mine now!!! It has spoiled me. It’s a fun little trickster.