Sennheiser HD6XX Custom Paint Mockups

I’m considering giving my lovely HD6XX a coat of paint to personalize them.

Here are a few rough mockups of the different ideas I’ve had so far.
I’m pretty partial to the blue Breath of the Wild color scheme, though the aperture science one would be pretty sick too.

Was wondering if anyone had any other ideas/tips on getting a good paint finish.


Breath of the wild.


I like that blue, but would prefer it just a tad darker.

I’m a Warhammer 40K fan, so I’d probably go for a Chaos or Adeptus symbol.

They all look good though


Blue!! Looks perfect!
Are you doing it yourself?

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I think I agree. Just a tad.

That’s the plan. Not super immediately, but I’m exploring different ideas and color schemes that I can use once I’m comfortable enough to do the mod myself.


Those look great.
As my 650’s are pretty chipped up, a new paint job would be welcome.

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Definitely the blue although I vote with the majority a tad darker would be optimal. If you really figure out how to do it let me know and I will send work your way. All the mockups are exceptional

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Ideally, I’d like to see if I can replicate BMW Estoral Blue.

Definitely need to do some experimentation. Also would like to somewhat match Link’s tunic in BOTW.

Will update this thread when I have time to do some science with colors.


Oh my thats a beautiful colour. Blue is my favourite colour and my cars tend to be blue.

One can generally buy touch-up paint for any car in very small bottles. You might use the real thing with a proper primer? Getting a smooth finish may be the hardest part.

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Painting seems like an easy process - yet it can be extremely time consuming and difficult (mainly when you want a shiny or mirror-like finish).

You have to be clear on what type of finish you are going for. I did some very deep research about a year ago on painting and the technique on how to get a mirror-like shine, so I can send you some links and suggestions in PM’s.

You don’t want to damage the plastic of the HD6XX, so I think you’d have to do some research yourself - usually forums help a ton

As someone who has painted a lot of stuff over the years (guitars, motorbikes, cars, graffiti etc.), I agree with @voja about it being time consuming and also difficult to get a great finish (especially as a beginner).

A tip I usually give to people who ask me about painting stuff is to take it to a local car body shop. If you dismantle it completely and just take the parts, then are not too specific about a colour, you will be surprised with how cheap it is for them to give you a perfect finish.

Give them an idea of what kind of colour you would like and say that you are happy to wait for them to paint a vehicle with a similar colour, usually the price will be very cheap.

However, if you want a specific colour then it can get very expensive due to them having to make a full mix just for you.


Car paint jobs use the same technique that you would want to use on your headphones - but it depends if you want shine or not. If you want shine, a lot of polishing and perfection is required… just like it is for a car.

Also, the car shop is probably not experienced painting headphones. Headphones are made of plastic, and not all types of plastic are the same. The type of primer and paint used depend on the type of plastic that the headphones are made of. If you overlook this step, the paint could very well eat the plastic.

Not only that, but you should know what grit of sandpaper you want to use, because you do not want to damage the plastic.

It can be as complex as you want, or as simple as you want. It completely depends on what finish you are looking for and how much you care about it.