SOLD: Benchmark AHB2, Goldpoint, A&S Headphone adapter

Price: 3100
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Hoping to sell as a set. This will get you started for Susvara, HE6, or 1266. The AHB2 also is quiet enough for any sensitive headphones, even IEMs.

What is included:
Benchmark AHB2 - Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier - Benchmark Media Systems
Goldpiont SA1X-47 - Goldpoint SA1X Level Control / Passive Preamp
A&S Headphone adapter - Black Box Headphone Adapter - ampsandsound

If you’re interested in the Goldpoint and headphone adapter separately, let me know. I have someone who is interested in the AHB2 separately.


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Is the Brother multifunction still available?

Does it have a DAC or amp?


we make the same jokes to the Brother about that on discord :smiley:

I personally use an HP multifunctional laser DAC.