SOLD: Dunu SA6

SOLD SOLD SOLD Purchased new a few weeks ago, got at the same time as a pair of Andromeda 2020. The SA6 are great IEMs, but my heart lies with the Andros. So the SA6s are up for sale. Only a few hours on them, never out of the (non-smoking) house. Includes an extra Linsoul Tripowin 4mm balanced cable along with all the original tips, cables, adapters, etc.

$425 obo shipped in the CONUS. PayPal preferred.



I’m curious to hear more about this offer!

Was there a reason why you liked the andromedas more?

I’ve been looking at buying the SA6, having heard of rumors about a sale coming soon for Black Friday I’ve been waiting. Saw this listing and figured I’d ask more about it.



The Andromeda are just a bit more detailed in midrange nuances. Some extra separation, string noises, etc. I think the SA6 is probably a bit more “balanced” in the presentation. Just something about the Andro clicks with me.

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Ah I see. That’s cool! I might stick with the SA6 then for me at least. Price wise it works better for me too, just wanted some thoughts.

Are these still for sale?

Still available, though I may just return as I just got them. If you want to grab them let me know, otherwise I’ll initiate a return and close the ad.