[Sold] JPS Labs Superconductor4 XLR Interconnects 1m length

**Price:1500 (PayPal fee and Fedex 3-day shipping included)
**Ships to:Continental US

So I know what you’re thinking :slight_smile: “Interconnects costing this much? Are you insane?”

Surely not. The JPS Labs Superconductor 4 (1m length and XLR termination) retails for $2,500 on the JPS Labs / Abyss Headphones site and I was very happy to pay them that money in Aug 2019.

These connect my dCS Bartok to the Woo Audio WA33 Elite (with JPS internal wiring) and you’ll have to listen to them to hear (and will never un-hear) the improvements they make to your system.

The headphones I use daily are Abyss (Diana v2 and 1266 Phi TC) and the superconductor headphones cable all came from them, so I’m an Abyss believer. #abyss4Life

If you have WA33 driving Phi TC, I have zero doubt that you’ll love these interconnects.

I’m selling these because I just bought a longer pair from Abyss (1.5m).

Included in the price is everything you see in the photo below (carpet not included), 3-day Fedex shipping, and PayPal fee … because why not?

I implore you not to low-ball, because it makes me sad :slight_smile: