SOLD: Pete Millet NuHybrid (Korg NuTube) Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amp/Buffer - $195

Price: $195
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

I’m selling my remaining Pete Millet “NuHybrid” headphone amplifier built around the Korg NuTube 61P.

Basically sounds like a no-feedback single-ended-triode amp. It works best with headphones from 32 ohms to 300 ohms. Standard RCA inputs/ouputs and 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS headphone socket.

It can also be used as a pre-amplifier (line-outs are switched with the headphone jack) or as a tube-buffer:

You can read more about it here and here . Any question you might have about it is also answered there.

It is fully built, tested, biased and mounted; includes PSU and is ready to run.

Price includes PayPal fee and shipping.

Must be an active member here, or have trade feedback somewhere relevant.


Price dropped from $225 to $195.