SOLD: Raal Requisite sr1a w/Jotunheim R $3525 shipped in US

raal sr1a headphone with jotunheim R amplifier. Paypal works best for me.

Excellent condition. Barely visible scuff on upper left of Jotuneheim. Very light usage. Sounds amazing, incredible tool for mixing for audio professionals as well. Comes with headphone cable and case. Including tax this is about $500 less than new price.


Am I crazy or did you just win this on eBay an hour ago for $3,150? The timing and description of the scuff on the top left of the Jot seem too coincidental… :slight_smile:

nope, that’s not me! there was a small scuff on that one too? odd.

It’s so strange that you loved this 3 days ago, and you were asking for advice on a tube buffer for the Jot, and now you’re selling both the sr1a and the HEDDphone. What went wrong for you to change your mind?


Good question, and a sensible one. I had a long discussion with a pro mixing engineer friend of mine who works for one of the bigger labels, and does a lot of his mixing at home in an apt in nyc, which is where I’m moving back home shortly. He reminded me that my last apartment had infants living right underneath me, such that I needed to be super quiet after 8pm, but that’s not all that common, and that at normal mixing volumes, it is much cheaper to install some extra sound absorption/isolation, even install a false floor underneath monitor stands, than use massively expensive headphones for mixing. When I heard he did everything with mid-priced monitors and headphones, simply adjusted with sonarworks, and I’ve heard his mixes and they are very good, I realized that as much as I may really like what I’m hearing in the sr1a and HEDD, and could easily mix on them without worry, that it’s likely overkill for what I need, which is really to be able to mix at night at reasonable volumes. A few hundred more in soundproofing and sonarworks is a lot more affordable, and I can focus the cash then on upgrading monitors. I can always rebuy the sr1a if in the future I find I’m stuck with infants living below me again.

That said, both are excellent, and until I spoke to him today, I was seriously planning a tube preamp and such. This is a change of direction, I know, but it’s a learning process, and I feel like I learned a ton, and at least now I know what’s out there in case I need to go this route in the future.

That is a really nice custom case, man. Well done. You probably look quite tactical carrying that thing around. Lol.
Better than an important businessman. :slight_smile:

bump. $25 less, 3500 shipped in US. This combo is over $4200 new.

bump! 3350 shipped in US!

bump! 3300 shipped in US!

no longer for sale. just sayin.