SOLD: Schiit Eitr + Wyrd + Sys - $150

Price: 80 - $150
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Between now and the weekend the Eitr + Wyrd + Sys are available as a package for $150 (see the original listing for details on prior prices).

These are effectively discontinued, and limited to whatever stock Schiit has on hand, so if you were after one of them you’ll want to act quickly.

$150 gets you the Eitr + Word + Sys + 6" PYST RCA cables and includes fees and shipping.

Only catch is the deal has to be done before the weekend, after which they’ll be unavailable at for the next month.

Original Listing

Selling my stack of “micro” Schiit components, with pieces available individually or in combinations. Buy more, save more.

I put this system together both for a bit of fun (had wanted to see a “complete” Schiit stack, and to provide a way to demonstrate to others the difference between D/S and multi-bit DACs and solid-state vs. tube-hybrid amps.

Everything is in perfect functional and cosmetic condition. Kept in a smoke, pet and child free home. Will ship double-boxed with all original packaging and accessories. All items were purchased after November 2018.


Prices for individual items as listed are 20% lower than current MSRP (rounded up to the nearest dollar). Buy two components at once, and the prices drop to 25% off MSRP, and for three items 30% off MSRP. The additional discounts do not apply just by adding cables.

ALL prices include PayPal fees and shipping.

Additionally, if you buy components that comprise an actual system (e.g. DAC + Amp or DAC + Amp + EQ or DDC), I’ll include the necessary PYST interconnects to connect it up.

Individual Prices (w/ rounded up MSRP in brackets):

  • Eitr (DDC) - $144 [$180]
  • Wyrd - $80 [$100]
  • Magni 3 - $80 [$100]
  • Modi MB - $200 [$250]
  • Loki (EQ) - $120 [$150]
  • Vali 2 - $120 [$150]
  • Modi 3 - $80 [$100]

Items available with one or more of the above:

  • Sys - $35
  • PYST 6” RCA (Pair) - $15
  • PYST 1M USB - $15
  • Floor Wart “Chtulu” - $18

Example Multi-Unit Pricing:

  • A Modi 3 on its own would be $80.

  • A Modi 3/Magni 3 combination would be $150 ($75 + $75) and would include a set of 6” PYST RCA cables.

  • A Modi 3/Magni 3/Loki combination would be $245 ($70 + $70 + $105) and would include two sets of 6” PYST RCA cables.

If you’re not sure about the pricing, PM me with what you want and I’ll give you the final cost.


  • MSRPs on Schiit’s site do NOT include shipping and they do not ship for free.
  • Will not sell the Sys units, cables or Cthulu on their own, as they’re not worth the time to package and ship individually.

Price includes PayPal fees and shipping. Not looking for trades or offers. Must be an active member here or have appropriate trader-feedback on Head-Fi/SBAF or other relevant site.


Incredible price for that collection!! Is almost what I paid 6 months ago for 5 of the 9 pieces you are offering right now!!



I may, at some point, split the stuff into two stacks, maybe Modi MB/Vali 2/Loki/Eitr and Modi 3/Magni 3/Wyrd, but that still leaves a pair of Sys and cables etc. to deal with.

As it is, I am just working on the assumption that someone will want either the whole stack (for the same/similar reasons I did), or is willing to buy it and sell off the bits they don’t want and still save a useful amount of money vs. buying new.

We’ll see what happens … no hurry … just getting ahead of my downsizing/rationalizing so I don’t have to do it all at the last minute.

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That’s what I thought when saw your compilation, is ideal to grab what you need and make some money with what you don’t want. And the fact that all the cables are included is a plus since Schiit don’t include them with the equipment.
I’m in the “analysis” of buy the Lyr 3 or keep looking a little more, but so far looks like a winer.

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I really like the Lyr 3.

Aesthetically, I’d like it better with two tubes … mostly because my Lyr 1 and Lyr 2 had two tubes. But I enjoyed my time with the Lyr 3 (I am so overdue on my review for that, compared to the Jotunheim, it’s not funny) … but sound-wise it’s the best of the series.

I’m not sure what else I’d go for at that level.

The Massdrop THX AAA 789 is excellent, but a bit clinical and dry (and fussy, it’ll go into it’s protection mode if you insert/remove a single-ended headphone with the volume not at zero).

The Jotunheim (the current one) is fabulous, and more engaging, but perhaps not quite as resolving (maybe 1 or 2% behind) as/than the THX AAA 789.

I have a soft spot for the EC ZDT Jr (mine has never had hum issues) … but it’s definitely at its best with high-impedance dynamic cans.


Very appreciated comment. What I’m not sure is if getting Lyr 3 with the Multibit in or get it individual and that way I can use it on others amps in the future. I already own Modi 3 .
Do you still have your Lyr 3? Any plans about sell it in the future if you do have it?

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The Lyr 3 I spent time with (about a month) was on loan from Schiit, which has long-since been returned. So not something I still have, nor will be selling. The Lyr 1 and 2 I bought myself, but both have been sold.

Lyr 3 is my favorite, sound-wise, of the trio - especially with the upgraded (from Schiit) tube.

I prefer the Modi 3 DAC to both the card-based “Balanced” and “Multi-bit” internal DACs for the Lyr 3. But I also prefer the Modi MB to the Modi 3. At least as of October/November 2018.

If I was going with a Lyr 3, I’d be looking at a (post October 2018) Bifrost MB to go with it, ultimately.


Thanks!! I’m taking notes over here!!

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Since there were no takers for the entire stack, the pieces are now available individually, with progressive discounts/bonuses for buying more than one piece.


I might be interested in the Loki and pyst cable set or two…

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Be quick if you want it, getting spammed to death for this listing on Head-Fi! :wink:


Oh, ha! I was more curious about it…you can send it along to the Head-Fi folks :smile:


Loki works well, is very subtle the EQ.

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Big price drop on the above combo. Would love to get the boxes out of here.

All sold now.