SOLD: Schiit Jotunheim R w/ Multibit DAC (for RAAL SR1a) + Adapter Cable

Price: $795
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling one of my two Jotunheim R units, as I replaced one with the RAAL HSA1a. Includes the True Multibit DAC card and a cable that will let you use the Jotunheim R to drive normal balanced headphones* as well as the RAAL SR1a ribbon models.

In perfect cosmetic and functional condition. I’m the original owner. Maintained in a pet, child, smoke, cologne and virus free environment.

Price includes PayPal fees and shipping.

Not looking for trades, active membership here and/or appropriate trader feedback required.

*Adapter converts the 4-pin male connection on the Jotunheim R to a 4-pin female socket for use with conventional balanced headphone cables. Cannot be used to drive single-ended headphones. Power into 32Ω is 780mW, and into 300Ω is 83mW, at up to 5V RMS.


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