Stax L300 Limited Edition- with L700 pads

Price: 830
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

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Nov 9, 2013





For sale is my like new Stax L300 Limited Edition with L700 pads installed and original L300 LE pads. As you know the L700 pads alone cost 130 usd.

I am first owner and bought new ( both the Stax L300 LE headphone and L700 pads were bought brand new )

I barely used them, they only have bought 20 hours on them

Buyer pays 4% paypal fees and 30 USD shipping

Here is my link on head fi


83 dollars? And they work? I’ll take them

Forgot to put a zero :slight_smile:

Good luck with that sale

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price lowered to 800 USD plus 4% fees and 30 USD shipping

So very tempting. I had been looking for an L300L, but happened on the Nectar Hive. It’s a shame I’m not drunk. And would have to face the music (of wively accusations).

remember it has the L700 pads which alone cost 120 usd

order today and get an additional 50 usd discount on my price above :slight_smile: