Taction Technology Kannon over-ear bass-king Headphone - Official Thread

This is the official thread for the Taction Technology Kannon.

These headphones were funded through kickstarter back in 2016 and they are Taction Technologies’ only headphone at the time of this writing.

These headphones are supposed to have ridiculous low-end with variable bass settings and will supposedly give you the same experience that a subwoofer does.

Here’s a quick video I found with a demonstration with the bass on mid-level settings:

Anyone have any experience with these?

This is the 1st time I’m seeing these cans so definitely am interested in learning more & possibly owning. I listen to mostly hip-hop so bass headphones are right up my alley. These cans better have some serious punch if they are trying to overtake my JVC Ha-Sz2000 as the bass kings. If u disagree about the JVC then u prob haven’t used the right amp/dac aq well as audio source to get the full potential. And dont forget about burning them in, very important to getting the full potential. Anyways, I’m very curious about these Taction headphones & will post if I end up trying.

I’ve heard the JVC Ha-Sz2000 has some pretty insane bass as well. It would be fun to do an A/B test between the two! Aside from the bass how do you find the JVC? I’ve heard the Taction Kannon (which is a pretty sweet name I must say) handles other frequencies pretty well but clarity can be lost on some songs.

I absolutely love my SZ2000, but they require a little tweaking related to your personal preferences. The 1st which is pretty much universally agreed upon is the stock pads they come with, they are way to shallow & just don’t fit right. I chose the Brainwavz angled memory foam pads, & i highly recommend these pads they are amazing. Next is the obvious burning in process. After that its on to choosing the amp/dac to be used with the SZ2000. An amp is an absolute MUST HAVE for these cans. This may take some experimenting & research is always a big help with this. It depends on what type of sound you are after, for me being pretty much only into rap music I’m after heavy bass. After trying a few amps I have found that the Fiio Q1 amp/dac is a very good fit. I also like the Topping NX1s amp but the Fiio gets a bit wider range for volume. Don’t always go for the high priced amps, as I tried the Denon DA-10 & was very disappointed. The bass was almost non existent and volume was way too low. with tthe Fiio Q1 & my Pioneer XDP100r the SZ2000 feel like I’m wearing subwoofers on my head. A lot of people prob can’t handle that much bass, but it suits me perfectly. As far as other frequencies I find they perform just fine, actually very well. There are some tracks which produce a sort of muddled sound but is easily fixed with a little adjusting in my XDP settings. I also highly recommend a hi-res music player in addition to your amp. Hopefully this all makes sense.

*** I would like to sell my Denon DA-10 amp/DAC as well as my V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones. Both are brand new only been used very slightly. No damage whatsoever & no problems, just I have lots of other options that perform better for my listening purposes, so these both have just sat in the original box since the week they were delivered.