The Anime Thread

Awesome. I give S1 a 7/10 and each season goes up about .5.

Ashoka has a really big part to play in the whole series especially towards the end and fills in her story leading into Mandalorian, her upcoming show and what I’m looking forward to most is Obi Wan’s show which will have Vader hopefully in it. Have fun! It took us awhile to binge all 7 seasons.


I’m gonna be honest and say I could not binge it if I wanted to. As much as I enjoyed clone wars, there were definitely eps that made me knock out. lol

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I agree on some 2 to 3 ep. story arcs where I checked out especially the ones with Jar Jar. Lol. I think all 7 seasons took us about 4-6 months. we watched the last two seasons in a week or two Lol. It got that good!

Now back to the last 3 episodes for me on Attack on Titan’s final season…