The Anime Thread

Oi oi Captain.

I can only speculate this time. Last time I tried this for an anime, I’ve failed miserably. I should probably send you a PM to not embarrass myself publicly. :joy:

At the slow pace of 1 episode a week, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to rewatch everything while watching the final eps.

I’m trying to pay attention on the political aspect of the story. I’m sure each faction/group is playing its own game. And individuals within those factions are playing different games altogether. I’m trying to fetch a possible ending with a Scooby-Doo mindset (i.e., avoid the obvious). But maybe it will be obvious. :exploding_head:


Ok, I’m caught up on the episodes now and I have to say that I love Demon Slayer. It just does what it does and who cares. Time to lock in on the manga.

I was really pissed off when I ran out of episodes to watch yesterday.


As for new anime, I tried watching something called Tokyo 24th ward, or something. Some of the most stilted, budget animation Ive seen in some time, doesn’t matter if the story is good I cant get passed it. Not saying the story is good, just that a good story wouldnt save this for me.


Thought you had finished it already…guess not.

Try love of kill. I just caught up with the manga. It’s on the average side but I still enjoyed it. The 1st ep was meh, but you might like it. Doesn’t seem like a must-watch though.

Also caught up to dress-up darling manga…wish there were more chapters to read!

Finished the AoT OVAs! Worth watching imo. It made me really miss the old animation; lots of nostalgia. The 2nd ep was hilarious! It was a cooking showdown between jean and sasha. Levi’s arc was pretty good too; I remember reading the manga and wishing it was animated. Now we have it. Basically, it’s how levi got into the survey corps and how he met erwin.

Oh, and @frkasper DO NOT WATCH THE LAST EP OF THE OVA. That’s all I’m gonna say…

(spoilers) @perogie I can’t believe I missed this. The last ep of the OVA basically gave out the whole ending. I read it way before the manga ended, so I feel so stupid not connecting the two together. Anyway, you should watch this ep when you can. It was cool to see all the foreshadowing. Kind of made me wonder, what if mikasa was the protagonist instead? Would that make the ending more appealing? I think so.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m not particularly in a hurry to watch them though. Currently having fun watching S1 for the 3rd time. The difference now is that I know all the characters and am trying to pay attention on their behaviors. Interestingly enough, the hints were always there. I was just too ignorant to see them.

I find the storytelling given by AoT fascinating. At least the anime. Never read the manga nor know if the anime is the exact representation of the former.

That Mugen Train Arc small series (a.k.a. S2) was really exciting to watch. I thought they really raised the bar on those episodes.

S3 started a little boring to my taste. I’m sure it will escalate. Also waiting for more eps to stack up. :unamused:


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I’ll see what service carries the AoT OVAs and look at them.

New anime:
Worlds End Harem - exactly what you think it is, 5 men, 5 billion women. Watched first EP just to see and I will at least watch another. How this turns out will greatly depend upon how seriously it takes itself. Its ecchi so its no kids around watching.

Sabikui BIsco - havent wathced yet but its next on my list, trailer is interesting. I think its an original anime. Lots of experienced people behind.

AoT is a show where you can go back and watch within the context of future events and still get a lot more out of it.

DS does have slow parts mixed in, S3/entertainment district arc does pick up in typical DS fashion, which is why I was pissed I ran out of current episodes.

I fell off as I was finding the art of the manga, especially the action scenes, took a big back seat to the anime and it was pretty much a direct interpretation of the manga so I stopped reading. I think that was when I went and binge read AoT. Im back at it now. Im debating whether I should just read the whole thing or just read a little bit and watch how they work it for the anime and then read some more.

Ive got 6-7 manga, I think, on the go right now. Most of them Im caught up on and just waiting for new chapters to drop. Still have to catch up on Spy X Family.

Im hoping Chainsaw Man anime comes out soon.


I think the manga captures more subtlety and depth than the anime, so naturally you do get more out of it. You can only cram in so much in 20min of air time, so it makes sense the anime will cover more of the action sequences. In one of my favorite chapters from the manga the atmosphere and anxiety was just so intense I think it took me an hour to read that whole chapter (not just because it was long). It’s pretty interesting how still drawings on paper could capture so much.

Totally agree. Off the top of my head, it’s kind of like steins:gate.

I’ve got 20 on my queue waiting to be read and 34 on my unassigned category! :joy:
The most recent one I’m currently on is ancient magus’ bride. It’s really good, I like it (anime came out a while ago). Similar world-building as berserk.

Yeah no release date yet except within this year.


I watched a few episodes of the anime - was good but never got back to it. Seemed on the depressing side and I doubt I was in the mood for that at the time. I should go back to it… maybe after I get to fruits and 86!!!

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Love Of Kill - first episode, not bad. Hints of something deeper to it, animation is OK. Maybe a bit of a creepy interaction between the main characters but there may be an explanation… worth a few more episodes.

Sabikui Bisco: I liked this. Interesting world build so far, some mystery, interesting characters. This might be my second favourite of the new shows so far.

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I wasn’t sure how to interpret it - it ends up getting lighter as the series goes by, the first few episodes are quite dark, but I’ve been enjoying this one recently.


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest. Anyone has seen this one? Looks like S2 just started streaming. Thoughts?


Aware of it but not watched.

Police in a Pod: new, made me laugh, has some drama. I like it. Feels like it may have something special with the character interactions. Watched the first 2 episodes and wished there was more.

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Nah, reviews and ratings suggest it’s trash. But, hey, sometimes it can be good trash.

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Thanks folks.

Were can I get these reviews again?

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Sole Leveling: just started reading but it’s strange having it in colour and also the format of the medium being an up/down scroller. I have a feeling I might burn through this but should take the time to appreciate the art.

This feels like it has anime adaptation written all over it but haven’t checked to see if true.

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I usually check on myanimelist (MAL) first to get a general sense if something is worth reading/watching.

Yes! One of my favs. It did fall off after the 2nd season but still enjoyed it.

That’s how manhwas (korean manga) are typically read and drawn (in color). I find it to be more addicting to read because of the up/down process and how our brain interprets that. No, no anime adaptation. It’d take the top spot though if done well imo.


Recent rumours suggest its getting an anime but I don’t think anything is official. Ive run through 27 chapters already. If it does get adapted the animation skills or style of the house will be very important. Wit/Mappa/ufotable or that level.

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Yup, definitely. There hasn’t been a successful manhwa/webtoon adaptation yet that’s been well received. ie. tower of god, god of high school, noblese

While we’re on the topic of manhwas, check out skill of lure. That one was real good!

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I’ll try and remember that one.

I thought that one was pretty good. The other two were nonsense. God of High School started well but quickly got lost, Noblesse wasn’t good from the start.

To be expected, its kind of a monster of the week Shonen so far, only so much you can do it with it. At least for the moment it has been well planned and thought out.

The up/down scrolling allows for extended scenes, especially the fight scenes, which adds to the spectacle. Its a good way to do it. Outside of One Punch Man, few manga that I have read do well portraying action, something almost always seems lost.

DS and Chainsaw Man both had action that is/was hard to follow within the panels, almost always just breezed through them to see what the outcome was rather than trying to decipher anything.

I think I might look for a manga called Call of the Night (I think)- an anime YTer talked about it and it seemed interesting.

So far Ive managed to find a few new anime series that have caught my eye. Ive also started up 86 again, it does have some really well done scenes but I haven’t gotten fully sucked in to it yet.

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Watched Ep2 do Dress-Up - what wonderful madness. Its so predictable but still has a charm to it.

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Oh man, I already read the manga but they’re executing this so well. That last scene with his grandpa was even more hilarious in the anime. And to top that off, one of the comments completely got me. I was laughing so hard! :joy:

I bet @frkasper might like this one. You should give it a try when you’re on crunchy. Btw, here’s the link to those reviews you were asking about: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou -