The Anime Thread

This should probably be in the other thread but I think y’all will appreciate this too!

This CD jacket has got to be one of my favs…this looks cool as heck!


That is cool as f^*%.

For a second I thought it was one of those stretched canvas things that you paint yourself!

I think theres a S2 trailer out but I havent watched it yet.

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Yeah, the whole thing has this Papier-mâché texture to it…the attention to detail is damn impressive!

Didn’t even know, I might take a look later then.

If anybody’s interested in the soundtrack message me!

Sorry my ignorance but, which anime is this one? It reminds me one character, but on the other hand, they all look-alike regardless so I simply won’t guess. :grin:

I assume it’s worth the watch?

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Oh, that’s right you haven’t watched this one…it’s Demon Slayer.

And, yes, watch it when you get the chance! Beautiful visuals and soundtrack

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Ohhh OK. That one is already on my queue. I actually bookmarked your earlier post for future reference. :smiley:


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I neglected to include this…


So I was a few eps behind 86 and finally caught up…

Damn, I don’t think you wanna miss this one! It’s not really action-packed and gory like AoT but instead a more dark, psychological, and confrontational approach to topics dealing with prejudice, dehumanization, etc…

I like the direction they’re heading to and l don’t think it will disappoint considering they’ve adapted the LN pretty well from what I’ve heard. Anyway, I probably might get into the LN now since it has gotten my attention. I think this’ll be worth the time to watch!


Good. I was thinking about picking that one up again. Can watch a few eps at once since I have a backlog on them.

Has anyone watched World Trigger? Worth watching or more middle of the road fare? Ive seen the first few episodes and its OK so far.

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Nah, I haven’t…I think because of its long hiatus it was kind of forgotten but I’ve heard that if you like the 1st season, the 2nd one is really good. I also see there will be a 3rd season so it might be one of those “worth it to watch if you’re in it for the long haul” type of show…

It is on my watchlist tho, so I’ll get around to it someday…

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On a fun question. Have you guys ever watched Sekirei (2008)? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Watched the only 2 seasons 10+ years ago. Very easy to :eyes:

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Ha, have not…

Damn, I’m reminded we’re already through almost halfway to the year…

Ah, I :eyes::joy:


You know, I never grew up watching sailor moon nor have I ever watched/intended to watch it, but this netflix trailer has me interested ngl…

I may or may not end up watching this…lol

On more exciting news, looks like we’ll be getting more info on some all-star aniplex anime soon! In it we should see some updates on sword art online progressive, demon slayer s2, fate/grand order, and madoka magica…there’ll probably be more.


Hopefully some will be worthwhile to watch…

Edit: Wouldn’t let me add more than 3 consecutive comments so here…


@PaisleyUnderground I just stumbled onto this thread, if you want melancholy, watch the movie Grave Of the Fireflies. I love all the studio Ghibli stuff, but this movie is truly heartbreaking.

As for shows my personal favorites are One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, and all the Steins;Gate stuff. Really enjoyed the first couple of seasons of JoJos Bizarre Adventure.


Agreed, I love Grave Of the Fireflies, and all the Studio Ghibli movies.

I haven’t seen those other shows you listed, so I should check them out.


The first two are based on mangas written by the same guy. They’re more comedy. The original Steins;Gate has a more melancholy tone, although the characters are more light hearted to balance the story out. JoJo is just bizarre, like it’s title.


Also this one was disturbing, but very well done


I have that buried in my manga list somewhere…lol

Season 2, unfortunately, was a disappointment…and manga has been on hiatus forever!


Definitely worth watching

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