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Hey, so I noticed the noise in the different channels… and well decided we should have a place to just “Chat” amongst ourselves no-topics just interactions and silly/not silly discussions. If you see yourself posting “fun” responses and want to continue chatting (I’m guilty of this as well) then link back to this thread to continue the conversation.


Ok…what does everyone think of this? If you find yourself “rambling” in a thread please @ the person here instead… Also I can change the name to a more befitting one if this fits in our forum. if it dies I’ll just delete the thread :wink:


Good idea, works for me! Would help reduce the SNR in the other threads which I’m guilty of.


Yeah, trying it out… hopefully it helps. Plus it is a good way to interact outside of the “headphone” space… could be a cool experiment if nothing else.

Looking forward to interacting more with other forum users here. It can also be a great spot for off the cuff questions


As long as my Tourette’s doesn’t get the best of me… :innocent:


Let it go friend! no one to judge here :wink:


Even though I am not guilty of said ramblings and banter in other threads, I do endorse this thread.

I’ll sit and wait for Darthpool to like this post now.


Ill sit an wait for @DarthPool to drink more whiskey and call people out!


I will get my SR1a, one day… one day…

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Likes for you, you, likes for everyone!!! Lol


eyes roll back into my head. Ohhhh yeahhhh, that’s the shit.

You’re like the Oprah of likes.

@darthpool “now everyone, check under your chairs!”

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Coming from @DarthPool? I really dont want to look, and now, I am scare to sit down!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Ha! It would be a big bag of … well :smirk:

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@DarthPool I think we need to move all the derailed shit we posted everywhere to here. We are all over the place tonight. Now, back to drinking. LOL

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I’m my own worst enemy at the best of times…

@BuffaloWing I also was blown away at how good the food was at the local starbucks! everything was soo fresh!

@BuffaloWing I also grew up in the foothills of California in a small town… my Dad was a self-proclaimed mountain man/surfer/snowboarder/hippy/funkmaster/reggae maestro lol… we had an acre of gardens that he maintained… plus chickens, ducks, goats and llamas(to pack all his beer into the mountains on fishing/camping trips lol)… needless to say I can’t stand goat meat, milk or cheese… but I still can milk one if need be lol…oh that isn’t really something to be proud of… :sweat_smile: I grew up pretty diverse…and with lots of home grown goodies…


The amusing part is you’re all drunk late night rambling, and I’m house bound, working because its 2pm.

Drink time…?

@darthpool Thats the thing! Starbucks is still “so American” to most here. The coffee and food is basically par of the real big chains here. most Stand alone cafes and whatnot are a distinct step up.

Shame you don’t have a “Australia” cafe/restaurant over there.


We actually do! I go when I can lol… I’ll go pull the website… hopefully they survive this whole debacle!

super chill owner!

Haha. Wonder how authetic the pies are. I have never seen or heard of them. Most good pie shops down here aren’t chains either, they are one off type things…and we have some good pie shops!

We had “Pie Face” try to make it over there and kind of went bust. They closed all their stores and just sell out of Petrol Stations now.

And “Outback Steakhouse” is dreaful. Sorry if anyone likes them, we have a few over here, but is what it is. Hope no one thinks thats representative of Australian food.

Actually over the last 10 years or so, our “pubs” which were once just places for old people to get drunk and play the poker machines, have turned more into trendy places where kids are welcome, and their food game as stepped right up. Get some very good meals in the local “pubs” now. Which is good. One near use has awesome playground for the kids and good food.

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Yes! the local non-chain spots were the best!!! I had some of the best Pork Belly ever! in Melbourne at a local pub! Sooo good! skin was bubbly crunchy, fat was caramel goodness and the meat was juicy tender morsels of joy! mmmm…I was there a couple years back during the Australian derby deal…kind of like your guys version of the Kentucky derby if I recall… super fun… I went to PAX Australia randomly while I was there…timing randomly allowed it ha!

In Sydney I went to a dope speak easy whiskey bar… I’ll have to find the name of it… I think it was a hotel name …

Yeah, few hipster places like that around.

Really miss all the cafes and food places being shut. I want Ramen :frowning:

We have a place in Brisbane. Hand makes the noddles, sous vide the egg. It. Is. The. Bomb.

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Oh don’t get me started on some good ramen! I could live off that dish! Mm mm damn it now I want :ramen: ramen

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