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The actress who plays Rebecca was on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK this week and seems like a really cool person. She was thrilled to be a guest judge.

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Happy Thanksgiving folks. :turkey: :fallen_leaf:


Podcasts. I never got into podcasts. I guess there were too many of them. But television gets pretty thin some of these days, and I got around to listening to “Ultra”, Rachael Maddow’s brilliant narrative of the politics of 1938-1945 in the US, telling a story about which I knew very little, the Nazi sympathizers in the US and the politics of the opposition to US entry into WWII, supported by the government of the Third Reich.

I’d be interested in a few other recommendations of podcasts to listen to - on the subjects of music, or history, or science, or anything that is interesting, well done, and worth my time. And maybe the next time when all I can find on TV are sports with teams I don’t follow (Not YOU, Argentina!!! maybe you’re BACK!) or re-runs of ancient alien or occult themes (Announcer: “Some claim that the Ouija board is not a reliable scientific instrument.”) then I’ll put in some IEMs or put on some headphones and zone out to a podcast.


Here are a couple of podcasts that I recommend in no particular order:

  • In Our Time by Melvyn Bragg. A pretty good set of podcasts from the BBC that have been running since 1998. The podcasts cover all sorts of topics and are a good primmer on most of them.
  • A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor, the Director of the British Museum. I find material history fascinating and it was great to have listened to this podcast after seeing many of these objects in person.
  • Documents That Changed the World by Joe Janes. Good variety of documents, ranging from Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate to the Zapruder Film.

Hopefully you find at least some of these interesting.