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Q: What do these have in common (besides their owner)?

A: They are all from Ukraine.

A Malamute named Zelinskyy?


Her name is Jasmine, and she’s a Husky, only about 42 pounds.

I wasn’t sure about her being from Ukraine, but she heard the language on the radio and hid behind the bathtub. After that, I figured the story was true.

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Siberian Huskys and Malamutes look pretty similar - at least to me, a cat person.

Very similar in appearance, but different in size. A female Husky is normally 40-45 pounds. A female Malamute is more like 75-80 pounds.

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Just curious if anybody here has tried ChatGBT yet. It’s the way-too-popular online ai at

Tried it? It has been writing my reviews for months :smile:


ChatGPT is at capacity right now

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Time to break it again!

I did get in and set up and account. The AI beat humans when it comes to Niclaus Wirth’s famous example of how humans do not connect certain things. I don’t believe @SenyorC about having it write his reviews, because I asked it to write a review of the RAD-0 for me, and it made a fine word salad suitable for entry-level Reddit, but not for high-school sophomore English, and certainly would be pegged as bogus and non-specific by audiophiles

Now to ask it’s advice about how to enhance certain of my attributes. . . .

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Write a review of the Apple Airpod in the style of @SenyorC of

The Apple Airpods are a great pair of truly wireless earbuds. They are easy to set up, connect quickly to your devices, and have a sleek and compact design. The sound quality is excellent, with clear and well-balanced audio across all frequencies. The bass is punchy and tight, the mids are detailed and natural, and the highs are crisp and smooth. The noise cancellation feature works well and blocks out a lot of background noise, making them perfect for commuting and traveling. The battery life is also impressive, lasting for several hours on a single charge. Overall, the Airpods are a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and convenient pair of truly wireless earbuds.



A.I. must be stopped here and now!

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It’s not that good an AI. It was not able to properly analyze this:
One smart fellow and he felt smart. Two smart fellows and they both felt smart. Three smart fellows and they all felt smart.

First it thought it was a famous quote. When I explained it was a tongue twister, it could access the concept but could not figure out anything about the typical failure mode that causes kids to start laughing when they attempt it.

Score one for humans - at least at this stage of the game. Further, this AI can’t write self-modifying code, so it’s just a clever set of rules. Lots of them, but it might be useful as a front end for a more advanced and experimental AI.

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You are correct. That is far too eloquent and straight to the point for me!


No graphs, no inevitable Chameleon.

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Happy Cake Day @prfallon69!

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Happy Cake Day @prfallon69!!!

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Happy cake day @prfallon69 !!

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Every day should be Cake Day for everything that @prfallon69 contributes to the forum.