What's in the box!

I don’t show glass on a first date.


Yes, please :slight_smile: Or an existing thread is fine. I just feel like agreeing on some consensus tube rolling thread to hang out on would be great!


These came into my possession today. NEW POWER tube day.

These are puny compared to EML and Psvane ACME and shot of the magic


Saw the white base and AVVT mesh flashed in my head!

Yewwww! Massive shortage in Aus for these bad boys.


OK, unless the mods think we’re hijacking any of these threads and suggest an alternative, how about this:

  1. TUBES(pre, power, rectifier) for impressions, and questions about tube rolling. I just posted a question there to bump it.

  2. @EarmuffsWhat’s in the box Tubed Edition for new arrivals.

  3. Tubes, glow and tube amps for pretty glow pictures.


I think we might need a separate category section for tubes… :smiley:


Tube thread would be nice.


I realized today that my 6 year old laughs like Beavis and Butthead mixed together.Who is dawned on me why people would laugh hysterically whenever my son was laughing.


New stuff, and old stuff.

I picked up another Sophia to have a pair for my Freya+ upgrade. I plan on adding a pair of NOS tubes for a nice, balanced sound.

I’m a fan of Kimber Kables and I’ve always wanted a pair of their TOTL Select Series. These were used, but I got a pretty decent ‘deal’ on these.


I had two very complimentary boxes arrive on the same day at the end of last week. First came the Yggy (my second purchase from @driftingbunnies) and an hour later my Stratus demo showed up!

I’ve been swamped all weekend working a school musical so not much time to listen yet, but initial impressions certainly meet expectations! I haven’t A/B’d the amp yet but I did a quick comparison between the Yggy, BF2 and Asgard3 to help understand what X, 2X, then 6X the DAC price gets you. I’ll post a summary after I get more listening time in, but at least initially I can say that there are discernible differences in clarity, detail retrieval and “space” (for lack of a better word at this time). I’ve only been using my VO’s at this point so I’m looking forward to see how the Stratus pairs with the 6XX and the DC A2C.


I’m really interested in reading about your impressions, since I have a BF2, which is meant to be the value sweet spot DAC, and I’m wondering about the diminishing returns when you spend more.


Asgard3 is an amp. Not a DAC…

He has an Asgard 3 with built in DAC.


I enjoy the matching color scheme!


Haha. It was a happy accident, or coincidence more so.

Sweet cans!

Are those the planar version? Really curious as to your impressions.

Enjoy. :+1:t4:

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What other amps do you have in your line up to compare against, besides the DAC comparison which will be an excellent piece to look forward to.


A cheap bag of fun from Amazon today:

Raspberry Pi Zero W kit.


Bag’s contents laid out, the Pi Zero W board, Case with 3 lids + Data Bus, Power Supply, Heat Sink, HDMI + USB Adapters and Pin-Out Diagram for the Data Bus.

Several hours and one old defective micro SD card replacement later. Volumio is running reading my DLNA server and feeding a cheap Signstek USB Dac tied temporarily to my main system.

Actually sounds quite good for the less than $50 that I have tied up in it.

Mark Gosdin


My current stable is pretty modest relative to the Stratus, but my primary options are BH Crack w/Speedball, ECP T4, Hagerman Tuba, Woo WA3, THX 789 and a SPL Phonitor X. Headphones will be ZMF VOs, Senn. 6XX and Dan Clark Aeon 2 Closed. It would be nice to have a Stellaris and a Pendant in the mix, but that may have to wait for a post-covid listening meetup.

My capabilities as a reviewer are minimal at best, so what I share will probably be closer to the caveman “food good, fire bad” level. Keeping that in mind, I’ll be happy to provide my thoughts when I’m done.


That’s a big part of this grand experiment. At some point I either won’t be able to tell the difference between the equipment or the differences will be so subtle that it won’t matter.

The “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” adage applies here - there’s no need (at least for me) to justify spending a lot of money on gear if I can’t quantify the benefit.

Clearly there are enthusiasts out there that can appreciate subtleties far beyond my ability. I’m just looking to max out what I can discern and draw the line there.