Tubes, glow and tube amps

Sophia Aqua 274b rectifier. One of the alternates for the Decware csp3.


Omg, I just realized that getting all Sophia Electric tubes in a Stratus / Stellaris would look CRAZY. I have no idea how they sound, but I almost want to find some just for the visual effect…


They honestly sound just as good to a 5U4G. It’s a 4 pin tube which weirded me out at first.

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The Elrog is four pin too.

I have one. If anyone is interested PM me. It’s a b-stock, there’s a little piece of glass floating around inside it. It doesn’t impact the sound and you don’t see it when it’s in the amp. Less than 40 hours on it.

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When i talked with Decware about the 274b, he called it boutique and wasn’t his top recommendation. I’ll definitely keep the one for a backup and maybe switch it out once in a while. I’ve got five rectifier tubes right now, plenty to choose from. They are interesting looking.

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Yeah, that’s why I’m not using it. It’s fine, but they’re are better options out there. I also have the mesh which is really cool when it’s lit up.

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EML Mesh 5U4G is a big boi


That amp is hottttttt :heart_eyes:


Ha! That thought crossed my mind. Ive done dumber things.


My new tube power amp


Old amp, old tubes, great sound signature, need to drop it in-line as a pre-amp w/ one of my other combos to see what level the SQ of this tube combo is really at on speakers. Old workhorses like this Decware CSP2 still provide exceptional value for the cost.


Now that’s a badass rectifier!! Great choice. I have a 1641 that is very similar but I’ve always wanted to try the 596 if I ever found one for a decent price.


They are out there, more like obscene prices though at this point, at least for the real NOS tubes. Well, maybe not obscene but prices do sting a bit.

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Man, I know thing about tubes and wouldn’t know where to begin to roll tubes in my WA5.

Hey, friend! I’ve had a WA5 for a year now, and have rolled a good number of tubes through it. Happy to chat, if you’d find that helpful. This amp benefits a lot from upgraded tubes.


Dragon Inspire IHA-1 w/ stock tubes for now.

Woo Audio WA22 (Gen 1) I’ve owned previously.


My Bottlehead Crack as currently located. HD-600 cable attached.


Is that a 6N1P-E I spy with my little eye? Any changes to the circuit for it?

Mine? I have a Svetlana 6N13S in back and a bog common GrooveTubes 12AU7 in front. No changes to circuit.