Vinshine R2R Reference Amp/DAC

Price: 850
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Up for your consideration is my Vinshine R2R Reference AMP/DAC
This unit debuted in 2017 for 1450.00 Im letting it go for 850 plus shipping. I will eat Paypal fees.

This is a warm sounding DAC,but more transparent and with more sparkle than comparable AGD R2R DACs.

You can also roll op-amps.

The unit works flawlessly. It has a couple minor scratches on top plate that I tried to capture in photos.
Reason for selling:Upgraded to an $8000.00 Lampizat0r Atlantic TRP.

I have no trader feedback here,but I am well known on Head-fi with many smooth transactions. Username is same over there. Feel free to check out my feedback.

Thanks for looking.


For anyone here who doesn’t know him, Monsterzero is an extremely knowledgeable Head-Fi’er whose reviews are must-read IMO. He has plenty of trader feedback there, all positive.

Good luck selling this fine DAC!


Thanks Pharma!

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Would that be sittin’ on a Rectilinear III Highboy? Just askin, cause I’ve had a pair since 1972. Mine are modded, but it’s so hard to find a proper replacement under $5G

You have a good eye! They are highboys. Took me quite awhile to find a pair,and they weigh a ton.

I just can’t part with mine - at least not until I decide to afford something silly. It costs too much to get significantly better sound. Back in the 70’s I bypassed the larger tweeter on one leg and replaced the other with a Phillips-Norelco soft-dome. This extended the high end nicely. I never had good speaker grilles until recently when I found some metal grilles online and had my auto restoration shop create some flanges on them so they set in as if they were made that way.

Can’t find any logos, unless I want to rip up a set of Rec XIs that I use for spares in a basement room. Back in college I had a room mate who had a pair of Lowboys, and we ran a quad system (using the Dynaco quad box) for a summer.

My set is the older model with the 12 inch Jensen woofers - they still sound great. One of the mid-range speakers was blown years ago and so I have one with a Phillips and one with a McKee. They are very close. However, the Highboys are beginning to show their age. Our living room is pretty good size, and we have a cat, so choices are limited. I’ve been thinking about some Maggie 3.7i 's to replace them, or maybe Quad ESL-2912’s or something from Wilson Audio. My wife likes the Wilsons, but I hesitate to go with the Sabrina considering room size and I’d probably have to go pre-owned with Sasha’s or Yvettes because well, money.


Crazy price drop to 799.00 on a 1400.00 amp/DAC