What music have you been listening to this past week?

Talk like a pirate day…is it!!?? Arrgghh… Ye don’t say!

Well here’s me contribution for “Rock like a pirate :pirate_flag: day”!…

If you’ve heard one Alestorm album…you’ve kind of heard them all. Don’t make me walk the plank for that comment.

I pick this one for track 6 …a lovely little ditty called “F*%# you With an Anchor” :pirate_flag::grimacing::pirate_flag:

Edit: Not a song for the wee little pirates….


I may not understand the language, but man do these guys know how to music.

Just throwing all sorts of music at the Lyr + and generally loving how it sounds.


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Oooh… I approve! :+1:

Nice album but it’s jazzy pop, not jazz.