What music have you been listening to this past week?

Just Because

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Be sure to listen to the binaural headphone version. It will give your favorite cans a great workout. I’m listening to the Audeze LCDi4 via ROON and the Sabaj a20d 2002 connected to my MacBook. I feel as if my cerebral cortex is getting a firmware update.


Going to check this out right now with Envy / 800s


I normally don’t listen to classical much but felt like listening to some good old Vivaldi when this lovely variation by Max Richter popped up and an hour just passed by…


@Thester sent me this recommendation via the Discord:

I feel it definitely is worth a listen regardless of whether or not you understand Mandarin.


Love this. I have the vinyl. And he just released a redux version, though I haven’t figured out what the difference is. lol

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I think I found the new version you mentioned, will try this next, but looks like another performance so perhaps changes are subtle?

Found this short review that describes it as a “software update” to the original.


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything by Max Richter. After Seasons Recomposed I particularly love his Opus 2020. I regret missing his Sleep live in NYC several years ago. I read about it at the time, but that was before I went ALL IN on the audiophile thing, so his name didn’t mean anything to me at the time.

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I actually learned of him in last 6 months or so when I was looking up Arrival soundtrack which was deemed ineligible for academy award due its prominent use of Max Richter’s “On the nature of daylight” whose traces I thought I could definitely hear in some songs on this reinterpretation of Four Seasons as well.

But coming back, I agree, Max Richter is pretty cool. I don’t really listen to a lot of traditional audiophile music but maybe I should :thinking: I really would love to catch someone like him at the Carnegie Hall some time.

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Alva Noto has long been a favorite of mine, and with the vinyl remastering & re-release of his 5 collaborations with avante-garde piano virtuoso Ryuichi Sakomoto, I have become obsessed with their brand of hypnotic rhythmic compositions. Ambient perfection.

(*point of interest: the first letter of the 5 collaborative albums, released over the course of 11 years, spells out “V-I-R-U-S”)

Something new by the Fixx - who would have thought that after a ten-year hiatus. And I like it.


Been going down a jazz bass / piano rathole.

Charlie Haden & John Taylor, Bill Evans & Eddie Gomez, Jan Johansson, Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron, Duke Ellington & Ray Brown, Charlie Haden & Hank Jones, Joe Sealy & Paul Novotny, Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden, NHOP, and on and on.

Getting the ZMF Verite Open’s together with the Folkvangr has made me want intimate music with textured acoustic bass and close mic’ing of piano. Gosh it’s good.

Here’s the one that started me down this path:


There was a girl who sang the blues.


She always gave me chills.
Hey people this is Janis with Jorma in 1964. Mono. Lots of problems with the recording at first. Best fuckin’ honest music you’ll ever hear.


Recently started to listen Royksopp. Beautiful and cosmic music.

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Listened to Keith Jarrett Vienna Concert last night on my Focal Utopias in the dark. An amazing experience. Jarrett led me on a journey through the stars, through my memory, and through my heart. I was in awe.

I have always been a big fan of his, but had never heard this performance. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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