What music have you been listening to this past week?

Holy shit! Never heard of these guys either, they’ve nailed the idiom of American heavy metal/hairbands with a lighter, kind of upbeat and more romantic twist. Not ironic and skipping the nihilism. Not sure what to make of them yet…

The audience is digging it, it’s an ecstatic experience minus religion :laughing: It’s fun stuff :+1:


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“Song of Life” is a seminal classic in progressive house/trance circles. :blue_heart:

Leftfield - Song For Life [Dub For Life Mix] - YouTube

Can’t get enough of that old time fusion music!

all things Ravel…

Lovely recordings, with Abbado’s sensitive interpretations.


Been spinning this for the last week

One of the students visiting from Sungkyunkwan University recommended Hyukoh to me. While I don’t understand Korean, I’m liking the overall sound.

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I’m shooting in the dark with Spanish language Columbian pop…'cause I’ve never listened to Columbian pop in my life…and I try stuff blind…

Karol G seems to be a decent pop vocalist, and has many guest performers plus good reviews. She also seems to be a major naughty potty mouth, as ten tracks are labelled [EXPLICIT]. But it matters not, as my Spanish vocabulary is poor and as some consider gonorrhea to be the best sounding English word.

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If you’ve never listened to Colombian, you should get started here:

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Shakira is a guest vocalist on the album above. I do know her name and have heard a song or two. Maybe it’ll be my thing. Thanks.

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These came yesterday

Usual outstanding sound quality, they have amazing clarity and dynamic range. I’m not sure if Hotel California is “better” than the Apple Masters version that’s 24/192 though… I did a lossless rip of the CD layer using XLD at low rip read speed. I think the CD rip may have cleaner sounding treble. I’ll have to listen more :+1:


@generic Here is a Colombian band that I like, Aterciopelados: Aterciopelados - Bolero Falaz - YouTube

listening to a lot of Ralph McTell this week:


Tina Turner RIP, I played a lot of Tina in the office today. The album version of this is better, but hell, this is Tina live in concert. With one of my very favorite songs, Undercover Agent for the Blues


RIP Tina Turner. This is a track that I listen often, is one of my test tracks:



It’s been a while since I’ve done a dump here so here we go!

Just a warning, my tastes are definitely not for everyone so click on videos at your own risk :wink:

A nice stripped version of one their songs on Piano.

Really love the energy from Rou in this one with Pendulum.


Didi B, Miedjia – Aïcha is a French song that I heard last week. Compared to English music it is quite good and interesting.


I must listen to some of the things I’ve seen here, but y’all also should listen to this new release from The Orb:

It’s funkier than much of what I’m familiar with, but still in the Orb tradition. Lots of strong material here. One of my personal favorites is Dragon of the Ocean, but it’s all good.

For audio fans there’s lots of interesting sound here, plenty of sub-bass, overtones, vocals, and even a bit of 70’s humor.

I kicked back on my new “chair” the old overstuffed one died in mid-recline and has been replaced with a better one in leather. Put in the Audeze LCDi4, silver balanced cable made for me by Hart Audio, used the FiiO K9 PRO ESS, and streaming from an iPad Pro using ROON Audeze presets and Qobuz. There, I name dropped. But it sounded good, really good.