What music have you been listening to this past week?

The Icehouse / Flowers album. Love it. That’s the band that ignited my interest in Australian artists in general.

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If you like synthwave, I highly recommend this album. Fantastic!

Some of the best “sadboi,” melancholic, melodic and progressive death metal I’ve ever heard. The musicianship quite frankly blew my mind.

This has been on repeat since @GoldenSound recommended it weeks ago. Outfriggenstanding!


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Always a good listen

I read somewhere that Thurtson Moore once joked about Sonic Youth and Phish touring together because their music was so similar. I’ve never gotten into Phish, so I can’t comment on the similarity, but this song is my ideal kind of jam band music: locked into a rhythmic groove and constantly changing, with all kinds of interesting guitar sounds moving across the soundstage.

I’ve been listening to a cinematic downtempo album called
Lauge and Aes Dana - Terrene (24bit on bandcamp)


Kuba - Animalia

And an Artist that goes by the name
Vacant ( nocturnal ep is really deep)

Been into jazz too mostly these albums

Slowly Rolling Camera - Juniper
Slowly Rolling Camera - Where the streets lead
Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Suite Shop

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A lot of Sibelius and Richard Strauss. Downloaded this last night from PrestoMusic:

Nelsons and the BCSO seem less ‘driven’ that Karajan’s '73 reading of Also Sprach, more ‘reflective’. He’s also more playful with Don Juan than Karajan was.


Ethiopiques, Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz 1969-1974

Had one song on a playlist, but turns out the whole album slaps. enjoying this and for whatever reason all the songs sound familiar.


For some reason, a lot of Celtic Punk this week:


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Never heard of this soprano–she’s excellent.

Love this piece. Have 5 or 6 versions of it, including the ~3 on LP stored away.

Pergolesi was a genius. Can’t imagine what else he would have written if he hadn’t died so you (age 26).

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Speaking of sopranos, my favorite recital singer of all time is the great Dutch soprano, Elly Ameling. I went on an Elly Ameling jag the other night with my Final D8000 plugged into the Kinki Studio THR-1. What a wonderful combination that is.

Here are my 2 EA faves:

Paisiello: “Nel cor più non mi sento” (her breath control is so good)

And my favorite version of Mozart’s “Exultante Jubilate” (her lower register is so tuneful):

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