What’s in the box **Tubed Edition**

I have not heard the O getter version and look forward to your thoughts. Nice one. Mine all have square getters, so they might sound a bit different.


Yes, I just realized that it was not the one you recommended. Tube buying is complicated, trying to remember place of origin, year, plate color, plate length, getter shape etc!

I’ll give it a try, and can always return it if it doesn’t work out.

Right now, I’m listening to the Verite on the Pendant, using Tungsram EL84s, RFT EZ81 and Brimar CV4034 / 12au7. Wow, what a combination. Voices are very holographic, and the overall sound is very smooth, and has a slight warmth.


Fresh out the box, Bendix 6384s


Just received this Brimar CV4034 from Pulse. It might be the prettiest tube I’ve ever bought.

This isn’t a complaint, but I have to say I was a little surprised at how little packaging they used. The tube was in a standard cardboard box, which was placed in a padded plastic container, but only padded on 3 sides. And the plastic container was then placed in a plastic bag, with no further packing materials for protection. I’m just surprised because I’ve had some vendors bury tiny tubes in a large box full of packing peanuts, and that was for a short trip, whereas this Brimar travelled from India. I guess tubes are tougher than I thought.


Me too, I was so very curious to try these.


Love that print screen on yours @PaisleyUnderground. Mine looks more like @Nick_Mimi’s


Must be a day to receive tubes from India


Heck yes! I see some Footscray’s have made it out into the wild. :grin:

I was a bit shocked with the packaging myself, but all 3 of my CV4033 arrived safe and sound amazing.

The tube box with the protective sleeve is pretty dang cool if you ask me.


I am dying to know how that tube sounds and especially compared to the CV4034 from Rochester.

Thanks for the suggestion, Wes.

Full haul, ready to catalog and do some exploring. Should keep me quite busy for a while…


Wow, what a haul.

Brent Jessee has a good return policy, so it was really smart to buy a bunch of different tubes to see which ones suit your taste.


Some of the most genuinely lovely people, those 2. So very generous with their time, as well.

You know, I’ve come to enjoy appreciating different presentations, without my preconceived notions of ideal. Its in contrast to my life in pro audio, which is more about the utility of a standardizing reference. These variables of tube rolling and even pad rolling seem to bring variations to the structure of sound that I didn’t know I would love; all amazing in different ways… kinda like what omakaze is to sushi. Combining very fine ingredients for a transcendental experience.


Awesome collection you got there! Fun times ahead for sure. :metal: Smart move buying 2 of the CV4033, as once you hear it, you will be glad to have a backup. :wink:

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I have started collecting tubes for an amp I don’t yet own…


Telefunken EL3 - these are probably from 1936, since they switched production to a bottle shaped tube after that year.



Now that Tele is a vintage tube.


I think I’ve hit the target sound profile for my Pendant (neutral-warm), and am really looking for backups at this point.

My halo getter Mullard EZ81 sounded fantastic with my other tubes, so I wanted to try the square getter version that @Wes_S had recommended, either as an upgrade or as a backup.


Last haul for a long time as I think I have found the perfect set of tubes for my setup and preferences

RCA 6L6GC Black Plates

Ken Rad VT-244 5U4G