What’s your EDC?

I spy a Twsbi GO. :slight_smile:


You do!:grin: My most recent pen acquisition. It’s a great EDC fountain pen-- light, easy to uncap and quickly take notes. My other pocket pen is a Kaweco Al Sport, but unscrewing it to take quick notes was getting tedious.


really like the Kaweco pens… Still haven’t decided which one to get.

You know by chance? : https://urbansurvivalgear.net/collections/pens/products/tiscribe-bolt-copper

or these


My Ti2 is the shorty Version and acid washed

Both in copper

a few years back, I was into all this copper EDC stuff.
Don’t have my old phone here at the moment. Have some better pics of them.


Not familiar with those pens, sorry. But copper is a cool material to have anything in. The multicolor patina that changes over time makes for a neat item to live with.

Kaweco will even sell you a copper pen with the patina already. That sort of seems like cheating, but it sure looks good!!


Yes it is a bit cheating, though probably looks cooler vs my personal random patina. Dig this one!

Had the brass Kaweco ink pen in mind, but as copper is the most ideal “anti virus material”… LoL


It looks like it was done with heat and an oil bath, and some portions are quite similar to gun bluing.

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The Kaweko Brass Sport is amazing. Got mine off Amazon.


You probably dont wanna move to Canada then. Not really a gun guy but my brother is and he might have to give a lot his up. Lot of hoops to jump through to get anything beyond a simple rifle. Was looking at a Sig (M17 I think, it was a while ago, before Covid) but not sure I have the time to go through all the licensing requirements and Covid makes taking courses difficult. You may also be allowing warrantless searches of your home depending upon how scrupulous the police are. “Gun collectors” essentially can be searched pretty much whenever without warrant, there are some fine details to be sure but it depends upon how the local cops “interpret” things.

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Nice pen and light! I think the TiScribe’s one of the most practical bolt-action pen designs. Love how slim it is. I’ve had the Fellhoelter stuff, but it was too large for daily use as cool as the bolt action itself was. D4’s a sick light too - just make sure you lock it out, so you don’t burn yourself haha!

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Here’s the last photo I took of my EDC - basically the “just lounging around the house” version.

  • 64 Audio U12t
  • iBasso DX160
  • Benchmade Bugout w/ CF scales
  • 47s Mini MK. II
  • G-Shock GWM5610-1

The IEMs normally get swapped out with whatever it is I’m reviewing, and my most used flashlight is actually the Oveready BOSS 35.


Yep it is one of my few pens in rotation I love the most.
The F’s are sold here in Hamburg (germany) in a silver facility. The action is great but like most, they are a bit clunky.

Have 2 of the D4s- also the short grey with a warmer LED and my wife did burn a hole in her leather jacket while driving alone on the Autobahn- wasn’t funny…
Though somehow it was :slight_smile:

I always unscrew my D4s by a quarter turn- safety first :slight_smile:
The 8 clicks to lock and unlock take to long. And I don’t want to start programming my headlights or flashes LoL
It is good to know one can actually light a cigarette in 20 seconds with these;)


Dream setup - all of them

Was short before ordering a Storm Trooper Mini Bugout for fun, yesterday.

Though no BM, Spyderco or anything else gets in the way of my Giant Mouse Ace Biblio M390 OG Micarta, since it’s Release. Best ergonomics for my strange hands.


The rules are changing everywhere, even in Virginia they are slowly changing. Honestly I don’t have an issue with the paperwork aspect, I have nothing to hide and already require background checks for my clearance so they are welcome to search my home anytime. Funny thing happened a few years ago, I had an incident with an ex-girlfriend where she came over intoxicated and beat up my front door. I called the cops and they came in and saw some of my “toys” and started to ask me about them and how I liked shooting them. Of course this was only after I let them know that I had firearms inside when they asked to enter and showed them where so they could clear them to make sure it was not a threat.
Of course, not all police departments would behave the same, nor if the individual officers were pre-disposed to any bias it could have been an ugly situation.

The Sig you are interested in is the US Military version of the P320, a modular Stryker fired pistol.


I became aware of that once I started researching. All of a sudden a bunch of YouTube videos came out about it. In general my EDC stuff is pretty limited. Hell, I could get nailed for a pocket knife up here - the knife laws are kinda vague. Police could considerate it a concealed weapon and the idea of leaving something up to police discretion is problematic. Some of the prices for pocket knives are pretty ridiculous, says the guy with what many would say is a ridiculous investment in audio gear.


Vague knife laws? Oh damn that could develop into a slippery problem, I try to keep what I need on me personally. Anything else is in my backpack or briefcase aka “Man-Purse” Why are knife prices so high up North?


I think its just name brand related and it’s probably just me bitching. I know a bit about knives from having a few custom kitchen ones and I cant square it with what I’m seeing price wise for a little fold away. Maybe prices are similar in the US.

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This is paupers EDC.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Haha…! :laughing:

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Where’s the bread? :smile:


The swiss army knife brand “Victorinox” makes great bread knifes, actually