What's in the box!

What happens when grown men cry for minutes with joy?

Well, they just buy what makes them happy again :wink: :grinning:

The xDuoo MT-604 in conjunction with the latest planar in-ears is an outstanding combination.

Here for example in connection with the Dunu Talos, a 4.4mm cable and the AZLA Sedna Earfit Light Eartips.

That’s why I bought the 604 a third time to have one available at all my listening stations.

Yes, the symbiosis is really so perfect that this investment is worthwhile :+1:


Amazon is late but they deliver.

Last week I saw Z’s review of the Moondrop Stellaris and as 99.9% gave these earbuds a lousy rating they are currently on sale for €80 so I had one of these parts shipped to see why Zeos was so excited.

Since I’m generally not interested in frequency curves, I approach HiFi goods without prejudice.

And I’m very excited about the Stellaris.

In the meantime I have a good routine in it, to immediately after opening the package, after a short test on the Questyle M15

(pure, clear and natural), I determine which tip sounds best (Spinfit CP145),

the result then shows, Which DAC/Amp (iFi Gryphon or xDuoo MT-604) fits.

Then, pure experience!

After five six minutes I had a déjàvu, intense, mid-focused, airy and packed with details.

WoW a Grado as in-ear, only a bit more intense and with excellent bass.

Sitting quietly and relaxing listening to music is not what the Stellaris is for, it is challenging and just fun, you want to swing and dance along.

The planar in-ear for the wing chair for complete relaxation is the P1 Max.

Both in-ears can be bought for under €100. +cable, tips and suitable amplifier if none is available, because an Apple dongle is definitely not enough to drive planar in-ears adequately.


ZMF Caldera arrived this week. :slight_smile:


Great pic of Caldera alongside Susvara! How is the resolution & timbre compared to Sus? I gather so far that Caldera is considered pretty neutral, and aesthetically they are obviously up to ZMF’s world class standard, but at $4k I wonder if they are really up to doing battle with the planar big boys in the resolution & timbre department (which tbh is really, I think, why people go high end planar rather than just Utopia)



I’m also quite interested on your thoughts after you have a chance to spend some time with the Caldera, and vs Susvara.

Is that the white oak?

@chrisnyc75 and @robson I posted some initial impressions here: ZMF Headphones - Official Thread - #2192 by antdroid


These are from the B-Stock sale. I can’t see a reason why they are B-Stock. They come with a silver-plated OCC copper standard single ended cable that the Audeze site lists for $399, and slightly different BT Cipher cable - This one has gold accents, I don’t know if it’s just because it’s for the LCDi4, or perhaps a newer version (I hope BT-5). No standard Cipher cable, but I have two already. Usual assortment of ear things, cleaner tool, nice leather carrying case.

I note the lack of the Cipher cable is normal for this model, not a B stock omission. Also, I’m having trouble finding the standard Cipher on the Audeze site, so perhaps you only get it with the LCDi3 now. If so, it makes the LCDi3 a value winner.

First impressions with Cipher on iPhone → Qobuz are that it is similar to the LCDi3, but has better bass (Clearly better, I went through my Chameleon playlist) and more detail. Perhaps a bit better positioning in the soundstage, but the entire iSINE line has ridiculously huge soundstage for an IEM. I think I heard a bit more cymbal shimmer on Mercy Mercy Mercy, by the Cannonball Adderly Quartet and in the (Hancock) Chameleon cover by George Duke. Way too soon for real judgements.


Nice! Congratulations! I heard that the cipher cable does not do justice to the LCD-i4, it seems LCD-i4 opens up when is used with an amp.

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Wow those are a fine looking set. Having had the iSine 20’s i am very jealous of you. :blush:

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Yes, I’ve heard that also, and playing the LCDi3 on my FiiO K9 Pro with ROON’s Audeze EQ for them helps even the i3.

However, I’m not sure it’s the Cipher. Last night I noted that on my iPhone 12, with the Cipher I was running volume at a higher level than with the i3 - so the i4 is a bit harder to drive. I had the Cipher up to 80-85% volume.

Today I broke a rule and brought the i4s into work. I have the ANKER adapter for USB3 to lightning, and am running off of my iPad Pro M1. The iPad is usually plugged in via the power port on the magic keyboard. With this setup, I’m getting plenty of volume at lower indicated levels. I suspect that the Cipher cable gets more current from the M1 iPad than from my phone. It seems to have a bit more authority.

Perhaps someone with more background in these port implementations and the CIPHER might chime in here or elsewhere. (And tag me if it’s elsewhere)


D8000 Pro Limited Edition is in the house. Aesthetics and build quality are some of the best I’ve seen in headphones.

Thanks for the headphones.com crew for delivering overnight again! Was pleasantly surprised to learn this is in stock yesterday and already listening to it now.


Holy god. Well done, sir.

If you don’t end up liking the Washi paper pads you can sell them to me. :slight_smile:


Nanuk 938 case for my Gungnir x Folkvangr stack.

The 935 looked like it would fit everything (and the posted interior dimensions made it seem that way), but the cutouts for the wheel wells and pull handle intruded too far into the inside of the case so I had to go one size up. Thankfully Amazon has a good return policy and Glazer’s had the 938 in stock so I snagged the 938 during my lunch break.

Please excuse the dirty windows - they are finally cleaning them for the first time since the pandemic started, but they started on the other side of the building.



I’ll excuse the dirty windows but that view…inexcusable…it’s just horrible!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t know these existed. Man I need these…They look incredible!! Seriously really really like the look…and how a headphone looks is obviously super important!:laughing: Impressions needed when you’ve had some time!! Congrats


I know, it’s only tolerable during the best of times! :joy:


Very cool. That is Canadian made. :wink:

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Just so I’m clear… this is to carry your DAC and FV between home and office?? That’s some serious dedication! Love it!

Also, you can help your company save on heating bills by running the FV. :rofl:

FWIW, the FV is my favorite amp (with the right cans). Truly next level with the right pairing and totally worth the heat it puts out!


Yes, that’s correct. The 938 will also be used to transport the stack to any local meetups - depending on how tomorrow’s Kenmore meetup goes.

I’m still working on the optimal configuration, but it’ll most likely be (from bottom to top):
Gungnir Multibit

This should provide the best protection for the components. I’m carrying the tubes separately.



I was going to ask about this too! :joy:

I didn’t even think about meetups and allowing others to then get to listen to the FV, especially since they are all gone now! Very cool idea!!