What's in the box!

New Schiit in da house. :slight_smile:


Lokius!! That’s a badass name.


Sweeet ! Mine shipped today. I fought the urge to get the Loki for a quite some time waiting for the Lokius for the balanced option. Glad they went “Lokius” instead of +max :grin: I’ll *patiently wait * for it to crawl it’s way here from Texas


Shoulda named it Schiit Silvy! :joy:

Btw, how does something like the loki/lokius manage the pre-gain? You’d usually lower it when EQing to prevent clipping, right? How do these types of products manage that, if let’s say, your DAC doesn’t have a vol control?

@Jsim or anybody else that knows–I’d appreciate a mini-lesson!


Pre-gain is really only a thing with digital EQ. In the digital domain, if any signal goes above 0 dBFS then it’ll clip … and digital clipping is HIGHLY audible and entirely obnoxious.

In the analog domain, there’s no hard upper limit. As long as the highest impulse doesn’t clip the input stage of your amplifier, then there’s no issue. And most analog amplifiers have more input level tolerance than the ZERO tolerance of digital EQ.


Ah, I see! Thank you for that explanation.

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That reference went over my head… had to look it up :laughing:
Naming Schiit products would be great…really brings out my inner 12 year old. A couple I could see…the Schiit “Höll” (could be a listening room in their new Texas locale ?) & the Schiit “Šturm” (sounds like a tube amp to me ?)


Haha - love this! I quite enjoyed that series.

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The new one should have been Loki and the the mini could be renamed Kid Loki.
And they could rename the Modius to Mobius.


Ordered a Lokius last night said 2-4 weeks on the site.

Shipped today.


‘Crazy Eddie’ - the sound out of this after being fed M Scaler and DAVE is INSANE…


Awesome! Hopefully I’ll be as lucky.

What color? May make a difference…

How much are those big tubes? I’ve heard some crazy numbers…but congrats!!!


Those are 300B tubes - they are still making them, and the ones I have are Genelex Gold Lion from Russia, and those were about $360/pair, which is quite reasonable for those. Believe it or not, some of the NOS ones made by Westinghouse back in the 30’s and 40’s are going for over $15K.


I think they only come in black…

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Silver is an option. I already got a shipping notification for the black one I just purchased tho. Crazy! About went ape schiit.


Really!? I had no idea - every one I’ve seen pictured has been black. I think the black works better with the industrial looking design of it. I love those switches and that volume knob - I feel like I’m in some old recording studio, and those switches are LOUD when you flip them! That’s great that you’ve got the shipping notification - I hope it doesn’t have far to go! I live just up the coast from them, in San Francisco, so it just took 2 days. When I listened to this last night with input from M Scaler and DAVE, yeah, I went ape and several other kinds of shit. Seriously, there were times I was laughing out loud at what the music was doing. This is Aural Crack I could listen to every waking second. Enjoy your Eddie, Rhodey, I’m sure you will!!!


I think we were talking about two different things lol. I was talking about the lokius with @jthvr and it coming in black and silver. I’d love an Eddie tho haha!


Hah!! Sorry to jump in there, Rhodey - sometimes it’s hard to tell who is replying to whom! I did have a Loki at one point though, and I’ve been looking at that new Lokius; I think I prefer Schiit gear in black…

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Some big-ass shoes got delivered today (smells like a brand new pair tbh)!

It was supposed to come yesterday, but well, DHL sucks around my area.

Spring 3 KTE w/ pre-amp