What's in the box!

Just got this in


Very nice, congrats! I almost bought that exact one, but ended up going for ZMF Verite instead.


One day, I’ll get Vérité, too.


Some food for my headphones :black_heart:


Didn’t stay in the box long enough for pics. Fumbling around to get this set up properly but after that, works really well. Better than my iPad and laptop which was the intention. I didn’t want to go the raspberry way, so i paid the price. Well done app, right there with the qobuz app which what i expected or hoped. Tried the node 2i and either it was stutter or jitter with a really poor app in my opinion, so i didn’t want to go that route. Funny, after suggestions for volume control, Auralic volume set to max to bypass that, Spring set to max to bypass that and volume control done by the left and right chicken heads in the Taboo MKIV. Really amazing setup, just need to resist the temptation to scratch that itch for the May and the big brother, Aries G2.1.


Needed something a little more flexible and portable for work on busy meeting days. Will be nice to toss on in those 30 minute windows.

A little boomier than I thought they would be, but not muddy to my ears. Also the soundstage and detail is the best I have heard from ANC headphones.


This may be a “What was in the trash episode” more than a what’s in the box.
This little Tivoli radio has been abandoned out the the store where I work.
Repaired the circuits, rebuilt a wood cabinet, now’s the companion of my breakfasts for news or for casual music via Bluetooth.


That’s awesome - great work!

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Thank you. Very kind of you.

I got one of them, but the model before Bluetooth was a thing. And um… It was sold by Tweeter.

Today’s arrival: neat headphone stand.


How’s the stability on that thing? Looks like it may topple over… maybe if an Audeze was placed on it, it will :slight_smile:

We’ll see! Only the two on there for now but will surely get to the max of four.
The base at the bottom is supposed to help with stability. Just loved the look!


It’s not likely to change the laws of physics though.

Got this in today.

Eikon in Rusted Zebrawood. Bought it used, and unfortunately, it arrived with channel imbalance. Will need to send it to ZMF or fix it myself with new materials and the help of a video they can send to me.


Just ordered a pair of the new Western Electric 300Bs for the Agartha!


Very impressive looking kit. How do you find the pairing with your vo? Vo sound sublime with tubes.

Nice! Would be very curious to hear your comparisons with your current 300B tubes. I recently upgraded to a pair of EML solid plates and am pretty happy. But if I were to upgrade again, I think I would just shoot for these new production WEs.

I’m still getting used to the sound and forming my opinion. I’ll report back in a couple weeks.