What's in the box!

Hoping these sound as good as they look.


We have almost identical headphone stands! Did you get yours at Borykworkshop on Etsy as well? It looks just like my Olive Ash Burl stand.


I purchased a B-stock pair of LCD-2 in Caribbean Rosewood / Leather during Audeze’s most recent B-stock sale to use in the office (the LCD-X stays at home).

They’re indistinguishable from A-stock headphones with the exception of the following blemishes (that I had to look really hard to find):

  • Some scratches on the rectangular logo plates
  • A couple of dull spots on the wooden rings hidden by the metal cup yokes
  • A chip in the finish on one earcup near the pivot-limiting notch

The headphones came with a premium case made by SKB, the standard single-ended 1/4" cable, and serial number and warranty cards. The case is smaller than the economy case by roughly an inch in several dimensions. It looks like SKB model number 0907-6 if you’re wanting the case without Audeze’s custom-cut foam.


Beautiful headphones. I purchased B-Stock LCD-X from Moon Audio a few years ago. Great headphones, but were a bit heavy for me. Buying them B-stock took the sting out of selling them. Congrats.


FiiO LC-RB and LC-RC

I’m probably done with MMCX cables in the short term.


That Olive Ash is nice! We have the same source!

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Thanks! That’s a very good point - the B-stock discount does reduce the hit on the wallet if I decide they aren’t for me and pass them on.

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Does this qualify as audio gear? It has a headphone jack and makes noise.

So excited!